Monday, August 29, 2005


I proved to myself that I cannot stay away from here. So I just will not try anymore. LOL.

Buddy is doing great now. At this very moment he is running around the house like a madman(cat). I only wish I had that much energy! He does have a problem(besides being a wildcat). He has trouble eating. He shoves his whole face in the food and tilts it sideways to get a bite. No trouble drinking though. He feels like he is starting to gain a bit of weight. He weighed 5 pounds at the vet's office.

Chip is working on a nest. No eggs yet from Peaches. Not sure if she will ever lay any. Chip is giving it the old collage try! If there are no eggs it won't be from a lack of trying!

Pat has broken loose from his Mama. The sister is back there. So far no calls except to tell him that she wants something back that he did not have. He told her that he does not have anything of hers and that she needs to call the ones that did take it not him. It seems that when anything is missing he is the one that is accused of taking it. Funny thing about her(well not funny, just sad) IF she ever gives you anything it is not yours. I cannot tell you how many times over the years that she asked us to give back the things she has supposedly gave as a gift. She would then give it to someone else.

Candiac is working 2 jobs now and going to school full time. She is back to work for the landscaping company she was working for. She is gonna do that 4 days a week, waitress 2 days and go to school 3 nights a week. She thinks she will have more time with Brook this way. I think not. Nothing I can do about it.

One of our own has family in the direct path of Katrina. Sam of Dock Lines has family outside of New Orleans. Please send prayers and good thoughts to all the people that are in the path of Katrina. And then go to the Red Cross and donate what you can for the people there. They will be needing all kinds of supplies, water being of the upmost importance.

Me, I am ok. Still not sure of how things in my life are going to turn out but I will not stress over it any longer. At least I will TRY to not stress out! LOL.

I got my bloodwork back from the doctor. It was not the best news in the world. Thyroid levels were on the low side of normal so that was ok. The big problem was my cholesterol (218), my HbA1c(6.6%), and my weight(180 pounds). So today I start working on all that stuff again and NOT slack up.

I have to get back started on FLYLADY. I was doing so well and then BAM everything back to a mess. The cleaning system works if you stick to it. I am a slob. I need all the help I can get. LOL Ok time to finish folding laundry and I need to eat and exercise.

It feels good to be back all the way, not just sneaking in! LOL


  1. I know what you mean on getting back with Flylady.  The nightly sink-shining is about the only thing I've kept up really well.  And, like you, I've found out I can't stay away from J-land.

  2. Celeste really glad - you sound so positive...Glad Buddy is doing so well..other things will have to wait there turn while you CHILL out...Ally

  3. I too believe in FLYLADY but I too am back in a mess.  The words to remember are "BABY STEPS" and you are not behind.  I haven't lost hope---just got sidetracked.  Now off to "find" my timer.

  4. So glad for the good Buddy news!  Hope Pat can keep a loving distance this time around.  Take care of yourself!  And what is FLYLADY????  If it helps you keep house I need it!!!  Please send info.  -  Barbara

  5. Aha...SEE?  This dang place is not good for us!  LOL ;)  C.

  6. WOW candace is going to be busy. Im so glad buddy is running around that lets you know they are okay.

  7. Living in a mess over here too. Slobs unite! LOL

  8. You sound good today and I am glad 'cause it feels good to feel good. Paula

  9. I hope things will keep looking up for you. I'm glade Buddy has all that energy!

  10. Good news about Buddy.


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