Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A letter

Below is a copy of an email I received  from Sam of Dock Lines 

To my good friends here in J-land,  

 Both sides of my family are from Louisiana although I have never lived in that state.  My father was a pilot in the Air Force and we moved every three years.   Mom's side of the family is the Southern Louisiana half of the family with most of our relatives living in and around Franklinton, La.  Franklinton is about 75 or 80 miles north of New Orleans.  My father's kin all live in the northeastern part of the state in Winfield, Louisiana.   My sister moved to Slidell several years ago after remarrying.  They have/had a beautiful home just northwest of Slidell on the Pearl River.  A nice sprawling house with a boat dock, swimming pool and big yard.  They keep their forty foot Carver Yacht at a Yacht Club on Lake Ponchartrain.  All of Jan's husband's family live in New Orleans.  Jan and Dave, her husband both work in New Orleans.   There is one saving grace to all of this.  Jan is a Lt.Col. in the Army Reserve and is assigned to active duty at Ft. Polk, Louisiana which is five hours north of New Orleans.  Dave went to stay in Franklinton at my first cousin's house so he was not in the area when the storm hit.  Dave and everyone in Franklinton are okay and alive.  We are waiting until tonight to hear if ANY of Jan and David's house is left or if the boat is still there.  I'll find out at that time if Dave's family is okay or not.   I may have to go and help down there.  I can haul a generator or whatever else they need in my pickup truck and help them get things cleaned up.  If the house is leveled, there will be no need to go.  I'll keep everyone posted.  In the meantime, if you have room for one more family in your prayers, please add mine to the list.  

Sincerely, Sam  

Here is an update I received this morning...    

I know that my closest family members are safe this morning and have shelter, what I don't know is if my sister has anything left of her house.  The last report I recieved last night on the condition of Slidell is that the entire town is under water and that the water in some neighborhoods is up over the roofs.  But they are alive!  I am so thankful!  


Hundreds of people are dead and many more may be found dead. Many people have suffered the loss of everything they have, they need our help. Please do what you can.


  1. Celeste I love Sams Journal - this is devastating news My Thoughts and hopes for their safety are with him..and everyone caught up in Katrina's wake

  2. Yes the devastation is so great from this. so glad his family has thier lives. Hope they got some precious belongings out.

  3. I am so pleased that Sam`s family are alive.  I remember he was from Lousiana.

    Sandra xxxx

  4. :-(  I hope all turns out well for him and his family.

  5. If you know this family well enough to offer, we have opened our home to the possibility of bringing a homeless kid up here until their home is rebuilt...

  6. Hello! I Am trying to find my sons in Slidell, Louisiana!   They have been missing since Hurricane Katrina hit. Their names are: Ben (Benjamin) L. Cooper and Brian J. Cooper.  Ben works at Dunnaways and Brian works at Pappa John's on Ponchartrain Dr.  If anyone has seen them PLEASE call 985-902-9894 or 985-507-6317 or 985-345-3629 or 573-886-9714.
    their Mother, Angela Angeron

  7. Hi Sam,
    I have found both my sons Ben and Brian.  They survived the flood in Slidell but lost everything that they had.  Brian also lost his car.   Ben is in Slidell helping his boss clean out the store that he works in.  Brian is here with me.  It has been a terrible ordeal.  So far no assistance.....we are wondering if Fema or the Red Cross are really out there.

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