Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Katrina has passed and now life starts over. Many people including some of our own(J-Landers) are faced with the aftermath of Katrina. Lives were lost, home destroyed, families split up and pets dead or missing due to the storm. How many levees have been weakened by its force? How many homes will crumble? How many will get sick afterwards? How many more will die?

People are without power and water, many have nothing more than the clothes on their back. There are hundreds of thousands of people that need our help. Go to the RED CROSS and donate what you can. Find a place in your town or organize a place and donate clothes, water, diapers, pet food, baby formula, household goods, anything that may be needed. If you can sign up to go as a volunteer and help with the cleanup.

Last, pray, send vibes whatever you do, just do it.


  1. Thoughts are with them all - Hope clean up starts soon.....wish I could help...not sure what we are doing in England....Will find out though....Ally

  2. I am sending prayer for all.

  3. Father I pray peace and healing for all. I pray for lost loved ones to be soon reunited and even pets and for fast repairs.

  4. Sending prayers for all that were victims of Katrina.

    Sandra xxxx

  5. I always make it a practice to donate to Red Cross, especially after a disaster.  Now we will be on the receiving end.  I live on the Mississippi gulf coast and am currently evacuated in central Alabama.  I am staying here with my 3 year old grandson while my husband and daughter returned to scope out our situation.  Our home and business flooded, as well as my daughter's and mother's houses.  But they are all still standing.  No water or power. Lots of mud in the buildings.  But we are much more fortunate than those west of us.  I love New Orleans and am heartbroken for the city and the people.


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