Wednesday, August 3, 2005

gonna be a long day

Today is going to be a long day. Pat's mom is going to have her surgery today. The last time she had surgery they had a hard time getting her off the vent. Today really should be no problem as surgery will only last an hour tops. They are not expecting to have to do a skin graft but anything is possible.

Brook and I walked to the bus stop this morning. I have been slacking real bad on my walking. Today I did get a mile in. Now that Brook is back in school I should be able to get it in. I can walk after she gets on the bus. It is cool enough then and not too much traffic. We actually had 2 cars go by us this morning!

Buddy is feeling real good. He is attacking everything! He did not play this much when he was a little kitten. I have 2 more cats that I am going to get fixed, Bubba and Susie. I wish we had low cost clinics around here. I have to take to vet and get it done, NOT cheap.

The horses are liking the cooler temps around here. It only got up to 90 yesterday. It is dropping into the 60's at night now.

I wonder if anybody knows if that Mars event is for real? I keep getting emails about it. I need to check it out. Has anybody already checked it out?

Time to get busy. I was lazy yesterday and did not clean up after dinner. Have to clean up and fix some breakfast. I only have about an hour and half before I have to leave for hospital.


  1. Hope all goes well for Pat's Mum.  Have not heard about the Mars thing so cannot help you on that.  I know what you mean about vet's bills!

  2. That Mars event happened two years ago, I believe.  Go to and it will tell you all about it.  I had a nice ride this morning; now I'm ready for a nap!

  3. Best wishes to the old lady, it's been cooler here too! Love it!!!

  4. Hope all goes well with your MIL, and that the weather continues to get cooler! Margo

    Gives the whole story.

  6. Hope everything works out for the best with the surgery.

  7. I hope the surgery goes well.  I had to take Jake to the Vet this week and it cost a fortune.  I think our animals get better treatment than we! :-)

    Sandra xxxx

  8. I thought the Mars thing was last summer... we went out to a distant and dark locale to see it and they said it was the closest it would be. We could see the red in it and everything....... I am puzzled by these email strings I have gotten recently and wonder what is up. The Perseid (sp) meteor showers are coming though. Love to you and yours my friend.


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