Friday, November 5, 2004

Good morning

Good morning everyone! I have my teapot going. Anyone want some?

I had a good time last night. We went out to eat and decided on Waffle House. I had a patty melt. I think they make the best ones around. It has been years since I have had one. After that we went and played some pool. I think he let me win a few. He is a good player. I can play too but he is real good. Then we came home. Brook stayed with Candiac. I took her some clothes for school this morning and dropped her off at school. Now I am just being lazy!

Pat has already been busy. He just finished cleaning out Belle's stall.

Time to get busy. Gotta wash clothes and dishes from breakfast.

See everyone later! Have a great day!


  1. I am so glad you had a good time...i think you needed that! You should have more time together.
    And yes I would love some tea! thanks

  2. Love the teapot graphic, yes please I would very much like a cup. Not quite sure what a patty melt actually is but it sounds delicious!

  3. Isn't it a beautiful day.  Hope you have a great weekend.

  4. I`ll have a cup of tea please, milk no sugar !...........I haven`t had waffles for ages now, not since we last visited the States and then they were so yummy !..Sandra x

  5. Thanks for visiting my journal, and yes please I would like a cup of tea.  Oh good, you have the decaffeinated!  I'm all for being lazy ... we're going to have a three day weekend Yahoooo!!  Wash clothes and dishes??  You are my new role model!!


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