Thursday, February 5, 2009

ouch ouch ouch

Well the teeth are gone. I did not realize how much pain I would be in. having my belly cut open hurt but this is something else.It is better now but no way can I go without pain pills. It is a bone weary hurt. Ever had a toothache? I have 23 of them right now. I know it will get better. It is getting better. I also know that I have some pretty teeth to smile with in a few months. That is the only thing that keeps me goping.

Brook has been sick this week, congested cough and a fever. She is better now also.

Pat went to the doc and he is going to keep him on predisone for another month. Thinks that if we can get past the winter season he will be better. I hope he is right.

Crystal is doing good. She was running and kicking up her heels the other day. Precious has finally lost some weight. Now I need to get a corral built to keep her in for part of the day after the spring grass starts coming up. Dancer has decided to allow himself to be rode without having a mre with him. That gained him some points with Pat.

Is winter almost over? I am so ready for spring.


  1. I made some dental appointments today. I'll be walking in your shoes very soon.

  2. (((hugs to you)) it is good to think ahead how pretty of a smile you will have!

    (I'm taking a break from journaling for a bit; I'll be back when I can :)


  3. Everything sounds well as could be expected ... it WILL be different having a new smile. Happy for you.

    February is going to fly by, just you wait and see! So let's hope that March is going to bring spring in on time!

  4. I am sorry to hear about the pain. I hate having tooth pain. I hope you feel better soon!

  5. Ouch indeed - oh dear, now you've reminded me I've got to have some work done. I suppose I'd better not say "Life sucks" - that would be dreadful taste .........

  6. Oh Celeste, how awful for you, you are so brave going through all that, one sore tooth is enough for me. I hope you are out of pain soon. Take care.

    Love and Hugs

    Sandra xxxx

  7. My friend Kendra had her teeth removed. It hurt, but now she's got a beautiful smile! You will too!

  8. Hope you are feeling better soon. I am ready for Spring too!

  9. Feeling any better yet? Hope the pain has subsided to a dull ache at least by now...I need teeth too...hope you get some real pretty ones for all the pain that you have had to go through...You have had a rough time of it here lately...I'm gonna say a special prayer for you ,

  10. I hope the pain lessons every day. Just keep your mind on the prize, and the days will pass quickly. Hope Brooke gets to feeling better soon!


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