Monday, February 9, 2009

Teeth and motorcycles, doctor and kids

Pat and I went on several rides this past weekend on the motorcycle. I know I looked a bit silly. I wore a mask on the rides on days when normally you would not see anyone wearing one. I found out real quick that the wind HURT! While we were out Pat turned into the Huddle House without thinking so we could get a bite to eat! LOL The look on his face when he realized what he did was priceless. He gets all apologetic and starts saying I'm sorry baby. I laughed and told him that I have been watching you eat all week now so what is one more meal. I did get a piece of cheesecake. It is one of those foods you really do not have to chew on. I can suck on a straw now so I am making my slim fast smoothies. I also bought some of those drinks that are supposed to help your immune system. At Walmart they have some with all Spanish labels on them for 88 cents for 5 verus $2.50 for 6 name brand kind. I also have started taking my multi-vitamins. As for calcium, I think I am getting plenty of that as I am drinking a quart or more of milk a day now.

Friday I took Brook to the doctor to get a shot, Gardasil,second in a series of 3. While I was there, I had them check her out as she has been coughing and wheezing a bit. She was wheezing them but her strep test came back negative and her ears were clear. She had been running a fever some at night, one night was over 102. They said just keep on with what I was doing. Well Today I had to take her back to the doctor. I knew I would have to when I took her there Friday!. This time they put her on Augmentin for 10 days as her ears and sinuses were infected. Poor thing could not hear at all out of one ear. They did a hearing test on her and she only heard 2 of the tones! She will get better now.

I have worthless cats! Fat, worthless cats. I have mice! I was so mad when I saw one in my house! S yestrday I bough mouse traps. I have caught 7 mice so far. I will have to fix a hole in the wall that was behind a dresser that was back to the shower opening in Brook's bedroom. I am so mad. I refused to feed any cats for the last 2 days except for Buddy. He can't catch mice seeing how he is crossed eyed.

Okay Heroes is on. See everyone later!


  1. I've been rather depressed, and I finally realized the reason: I'm going to be toothless before long!

  2. I hope those mice get stopped soon for you. Some cats just aren't mousers for sure. One of the dogs I had years ago was a good mouser. When the kids gerbils got loose in the house, she found every one of them...

    I hope you can eat something soon.
    'On Ya'-ma


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