Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tuesday I took Pat to the dentist and he had his bottom teeth puled. He had his top done years ago. Now we really look like a hillbilly couple complete with broke down cars in the yard, chickens running around and a lazy dog. LOL

I am ready for spring. I don't know why I am ready other than the fact I am sick of being in the house. I am tired of my back hurting simply because the weather has rain in the forecast. Heck I can tell when the rain is coming before seeing the forecast.

I have my Brussels sprouts and broccoli plants ready to be put in the ground. I just don't have the ground ready. Hard to till wet ground.


  1. Hope you get your garden going soon. It is usually the end of May before we can do that here. I don't garden anymore but used to. Spring is coming and it's only 21 days away now so there is cause for hope. 'On Ya'-ma


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