Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday Thirteen-The Letter H

Thursday Thirteen
  1. Horses- I love burying my face in Precious neck and smelling her warm horse scent. After my surgery, when I should not have been around them because of the danger of being pushed or knocked around, she came to me and put her head on my shoulder and stood so still. Her ears flattened as a warning to the others to stay away.
  2. Humanity- Just when I think that it has sunk to lows that it cannot dig it way out of, a shining star comes along and restores my faith that there are people that do care and are not in it for the money. Give a hand Up written by Mary
  3. Heart- Brook is involved in Jump Rope For Hearts , The American Heart Association Follow this link to help her help others
  4. Hormones- thyroid, female both give me HOT FLASHES. I need to have them rechecked
  5. HOT FLASHES- see number 4 For ones caused be females hormones try magnesium sulfate
  6. Hello- not enough people say it nowadays. I guess they are afraid of getting involved. So HELLO!
  7. Help-everybody needs some at least once in their life. Some people will not ask and you will need to offer it or just do it for them.
  8. Horticulture- plants. I have actually managed to keep a house plant alive for almost a year! It is an African Violet.
  9. Howie-I cannot stand that show Howie do it
  10. House- a structure that does not make a home.
  11. Horns-Sometimes we have to grab the bull by the horns and just go for it.
  12. Hope. I hope that my daughter gets a job soon.
  13. Health- Guard it. You need it to live.
If you want to play along go to Izzy and Emmy(click the picture on top) and leave your link there also click the link below for others that are playing.


  1. Great list....hmmm don't know if I have done H yet!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my page! What's so neat is you have a link to Palmetto Health... I work there and have for the past 9 years. Great list!

  3. Congrats on keeping you African Violet alive-more importantly on your hope. Saying hello does the world a lot of good. Great list on H.

  4. Great list! I have started with an African violet as well....I am shocked I have kept it alive for about 8 months.

    Thanks for visiting my T13. Happy Thursday!

  5. I wonder where I have been? Read back to the baby riding the horse .. cause I know I checked that one out.

    You will feel so much better when you have a 'mouth full'. I know I am glad I have my partials. I cried when I put them in, it had been so long ago since I teeth like this. Had a bad mouth piece cost me a couple when I was young, and then as an adult, didn't keep up with the dentist.

    So glad that you and your hubby had a nice Valentine's ... don't care what folks say about it, it is better to say stuff when you have someone to say it with, than it is to be alone and saying it. When you are alone, you really don't mean it, you are just hatin' on those who have reason to celebrate it!

    This was pretty neat. May come back and follow the links.

  6. Great list! I like seeing all of the different words people come up with. COngrats on the house plant. I'm not very good at keeping them alive! lol!

    Thanks for playing!

  7. Damn, you are worked the Give..a hand up blog into this entry too :-). Thank you. ~Mary

  8. Hi. I love your lists. How cute. I saw your link on another blog and just thought I'd check our your blog. Hope you don't mind.



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