Wednesday, May 16, 2007

roosters and stuff

Here is a shot I did for Wordless Wednesday on C's Life. This is my Rhode Island Red rooster. He has 3 hens, 2 of which are sitting on nests somewhere. In this shot he was chasing the other hen, poor thing. She is his favorite hen. Poor thing has no feathers on her back now.

We are getting some rain today. So far there has not been enough to do anything except settle the dust. That part won't last when the sun comes back out. I do hope it rains enough to wet things down good. It is not looking good for any of the crops.

The Farmer's Market opened up last weekend. I am hoping that I will be able to get enough to take there. If not, oh well. As long as I get enough for us. Everything is popping thru the ground. I am harvesting broccoli this weekend. Tomato plants are blooming. A rabbit has been visiting my small garden. It is only eating on one lettuce plant. I will share my garden.In the past  I have had deer come up in it(only the years without a dog).

Brook is staying with her mama tonight.

Now for the good news. Brook won first place with her science fair project! I am not sure if it was for her school or for the county.... She does not know either. LOL  I am so proud of her. Her project was testing fruits and vegetables for electicity production. I was amazed at the results. A lemon puts outs 1.6 volts and a strawberry puts out 1.2 volts! Pictures will be forthcoming when I can get her, the project and the ribbion all in the same place.



  1. thegirlnexdoor77May 16, 2007 at 4:02 PM

    I love fresh eggs..hope you have a great week!  Hugs,TerryAnn

  2. Thats a good lookin' rooster you got there. Congrats to Brook. Paula

  3. cute little rooster....and a nice patch of green there LOL...and that smart as well as pretty she hope you get the rain you all need....we got a good rain this morning....maybe a bit more will fall us a respite from having to water....and anyway....rain is better than watering anyway.....God Bless...hugs from KY...Ora

  4. HBow exciting for Brook-she should be struttin' around like that handsome rooster, proud as a peacock(mixed metaphor there!) it sounds as if you have been doing a lot of watering yourself if it's that dry and your garden is already producing. Margo

  5. I used to have several rhode island red rooster and hens...loved the eggs...
    A BIG CONGRATS to Brook for first place...can't wait to see the pics...
    hope all is well at your end!!!

  6. What a beautiful rooster !! I use to have roosters and hens too. Congratulations to Brook.


  7. Beautiful rooster!  

    Congrats to Brooke and her proud Grandma!

  8. I like the way the roosters brilliant red comb looks against the patch of grass.  Very striking.


  9. Wow! I didn't know electricity can comef rom vegtables and fruit! Way to Go Brook!!!
    Love your rooster!
    and love ya too,

  10. Wow!  Congratulations to Brook on her electrifying results.  First place whether it is school or county is really something.  Tell her we are all proud of her.

  11. Strawberries!?!?  Really!?!?  Hmm...
    We need rain in New Jersey if only to put out the big forest fire that sprung up north of here.  It doesn't affect me but it's rather large and destructive.  We are known as the "garden" state (although our crops seem to be mobsters and diners).

  12. ally123130585918May 17, 2007 at 10:11 AM

    congratulations to Brook ~ look forward to seeing pics when you can get all three together :o) ~   That is a lovely picture of your Rooster ~ feel sorry for that little hen he is chasing ~ Ally x

  13. Congrats to Brook!!  I had no idea fruit could generate electricity!  WOW!
    Good shot of Mr Rooster!  

  14. Congratulations to Brook!!  That is quite an honor; looking forward to seeing the photos.  I hope you guys get some rain withouth storms!

  15. I like the way you did this pictur with  the back ground black & white.
    Congrats to Brook!

  16. Those roosters can be relentless, can't they?   So very happy for Brook's success on her science project!  -  Barbara

  17. Congrats to Brook, and you must have a great camara, I love the rooster picture


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