Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Babies, babies and more babies

Yesterday we had babies born! A dozen babies and their mama popped up and said look at me! It was real easy to catch them. I put the cat kennel down and babies started going in. The mam soon followed. I put the rest of the babies in there.As I put 2 in one would come out. AND everytime I put some in the mama would peck my hand! LOL Now there are all in the chicken pen safe and sound. They are using the kennel as a place to sleep. I have another hen setting. She is under a campertop. I do not know how many she has under her. I expect I have about another week. Anybody want any babies????

Speaking of babies. Today is kind of sad around here. One of Susie's babies may not make it.


  1. Congratulations!  That's a lot of babies at once...glad it's not me, LOL.

    Thanks for the card too!  I hope you and the family are doing well.  Be sure to send some of those veggies from your garden to Ohio.  Mmm, they looked so good.  Just don't mix it up with the "cat" mailing, I'm allergic.

  2. Now I would really like one or two or three of those babies LOL...but don't think hubby would care for it much LOL...what fun....lotsa new life spring up here and there...kinda nice..huh?? God Bless...and sorry about Susie's baby....hugs from KY..Ora

  3. Okay, you had to steal my thunder with Johanna's baby, didn't you?  LOL!

  4. ally123130585918May 22, 2007 at 9:14 AM

    Oh Celeste they are beautiful little chicks ~ I really evny you having so many to look after ~ I do hope Susie's baby does make it ~ Ally x

  5. oh i love your new babies!  i hope susies baby makes it alright.

  6. thegirlnexdoor77May 22, 2007 at 10:50 AM

    AWWW!  So cute...hoping Susie's baby makes it...Hope you all are well!  Hugs,TerryAnn

  7. wow what a cool place you live in...Can I move in
    Donna In TEXAS

  8. Celeste!  How beautiful!  You are an awesome grandma!  Though I can't care for them any more, I feel the twinge of chicken mom again.  Sad thing, we have coyotes, racoons and huge rats that love the little ones.  I loved having chickens, turkeys and quail when we were in Mexico.  We had a huge chicken coop with a special enclosure for the chicken that was sitting.  Most of  the time we let them run and "Red" would do some picken' of the chickens, LOL.  OMG! I've written a book.  Love and prayers, Penny  http://journals.aol.com/firestormkids04/FromHeretoThere

  9. wow! how cute. pecked your hand? did it hurt?

    when I was a kid my grandmother has this awful mean and nasty chicken hen that chased us kids then pecked us hard.

  10. Congrat's Celest what a darling new family you have, keep us updated on all the new Spring has Sprung goings on  at your place!  Have you named Susie's babies?I think after you name them it is harder.  gg

  11. Sitting here looking at the photos with the birds outside my window.  Kind of eerie!  Cute little babies all.

  12. that is so cool.....I so love baby chicks...toooo cute.....sorry about one of susie's babies.....
    it seems spring time is baby time...enjoy them all!!!!!!!

  13. oh.........they are sooooooooooo cute!!
    lol I can just see yoou trying toget them in that kennel! mama hens can get mean!
    love ya,

  14. Celeste
    The chicks look so cute and mama hen has that proud "Look at what I did!" look on her face.  I am so sorry to hear that one of Susie's babies might not make it.  

  15. They are sooooo cute! Good luck with the sick baby.

  16. Baby chicks are so cute!  Hope Susie's baby pulls through.

  17. Wow. I'd love to have some, but I suspect the local zoning board would be unhappy with me. Congratulations, but I'm sorry about Susie's baby. Margo


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