Wednesday, May 9, 2007

a bit of info

Brook is excited. Tomorrow she is going on a field trip. It is not much, just an all day trip to the playpark. what is exciting for her is this is something she has been striving for all year. The only ones that get to go are the ones in the PrinciPals Club. The only way to get into the club is to be on star roll or honor roll all year and have 5 or less absences and have a good conduct grade.

Last night we went to the school for a science show. It was pretty good although I would have rather missed the balloons popping. Actually they exploded! they were filled with hydrogen not helium! It was a very loud boom! Brook picked out a project she is going to do for the Science Fair.She does not have much time to get it done in! It has to be ready next week!

 She is on the list to be tested this month for her second degree red. This is the last belt test before getting her black. She is nervous. None of the red belts that tested last month made it. They willbe testing again this month. She would have been testing by herself otherwise.

The garden is doing well I suppose. No weeds are growing in it. Then again nothing else is either! This no rain is not good. Watering the garden only goes so far. It needs sky water! The little garden is doing real good. My brocelli is coming along. The brussel sprouts are lagging but hanging in there! Appartently my onions and garlic have disappeared  this year again.

   I think it is time to give my keyboard a bath again. Not a real bath. I need to pop off all the keys and clean underneath the keys. It is a simple job just takes time.You ahve to make sure that you place everything back in the right place. If you have a key that seems to be sticking you need to do it also. Be sure to unplug keyboard from computer!

That is it for now. I need to get to bed. An early night would be good for me.


  1. I know lBrook is excited....I can remember when we had field trips in a mini vacation to this kid who never went anywhere LOL....hope she has fun....and good luck on her testing....and sorry about the garden....seems folks either have too much water or not enough....sheesh....hugs from KY...Ora

  2. I hope Brook enjoys the field trip, she earned it!  I wish her luck on her testing for 2nd degree Red Belt.  I am sure she will do fine.  
    We need rain here, too.  That sub tropical storm just sat off the coast and gave us a blow with very little precipitation.  I admire your patience taking the keys off the keyboard to clean them.  I'd never get them all back on properly, LOL.

  3. Good advice on the keyboard cleaning.  I need to do that very badly.


  4. I will keep my fingers crossed for Brook and her red belt test....I know she will do well...
    I remember science brother loved them...I was never into joining them...
    Are you near any of the fires? It is also extremely dry here...tons of fires...I hope you get the rain you need...
    take care

  5. Good luck to Brook!!

  6. Celeste thank you for the lesson on how to clean the keyboard, mine really needs it, thought I was going to have to pay somebody.
    I enjoy your journal very much. gg

  7. Yippee and Hoorah for Brook!!!   Best to her in her upcoming contest.  -  BArbara

  8. Good for Brook! I('ll send her some energy tomorrow. Margo

  9. "be on star roll or honor roll all year and have 5 or less absences and have a good conduct grade"

    Well...that leaves me out!

    Thanks for the keyboard tips but, there's so much junk under my keys, I think I'll just get a new keyboard!

  10. hestiahomeschoolMay 12, 2007 at 4:25 AM

    She is such a great kid. I know why you are so proud of her!!

  11. Hope Brook enjoyed her field trip, and that your garden gets a little rain soon.
    Hey, when you clean your keyboard, do you use anything on it after you pop off the keys?  I usually take a q-tip and dip it in a little alcohol and swab everything.  


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