Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I got out in the garden this evening and did some tilling. I got 2 rows of beans in and another double row of peas. Brook helped me. She spread the fertilizer, I dropped the seeds and covered them and she patted the dirt down and marked the rows.

The corn is knee high now. Time to put the ammonium nitrate on it. Wonder what that is? It is stuff that is used to make bombs. Real good for corn, makes it grow tall and green.

Have to hurry the rain is coming back. Need to get more planted in the garden.

A lot of the farmers are haying now. The grass is tall and green. It is a race again the rain though. We are also getting fog which slows stuff down too.

They are calling for rain this weekend. I wonder what we will do if it does rain? We were planning on a trip on the motorcycle.

Notice everything is connected to the rain?


  1. I never knew that you put ammonium nitrate on corn..then again, I did not know it made bombs either! lol! Goes to prove, you can learn something new everyday! What kind of peas did you plant??? What kind of beans???

    Hope you get to go somewher this weekend...if not on the bike then maybe in the car or truck??? You and Pat will have fun together either way! Just be careful, ok??? There will be a lot of drunks on the roads too.

  2. You will have a good time on the weekend!

    I thought corn was supposed to be knee high by the fourth of July, lol?


  3. ally123130585918May 24, 2006 at 11:28 AM

    You conjure up such a lovely picture of Brook and you planting seeds ~  Hope whatever you do this weekend the weather will be kind to you ~ Ally

  4. That time with you in your garden, Brook will always remember!  When you enjoy the outdoors, rain is connected to everything.  -  Barbara

  5. it never rains on "our timetables".  LOL it always rains when we have something planned.  

    Sounds like your corn is doing really good.


  6. This was interesting. I'm a city girl and I like learning this stuff.



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