Tuesday, May 9, 2006

 Sunday dawned wet and dreary. Pat and I were sitting around bored and not really wanting to play on the computer (I know that had to come as a shock!) We looked at each other and started talking about how wet it was and we wanted to go on a ride. The rain let up shortly after that and we said well why not go? So off we went! We had not gone 2 miles when it started raining again. We put on our rain coats and said let's keep on. I am telling you, I think we are becoming diehard bikers! LOL We kept going and ended up in Dayton Tennessee, home of the Tennessee Strawberry Festival and Scopes Trial.  Here is Pat holding up a lamp pole. In this next picture Front and center is a World War2 Memorial. Behind that is the courthouse where the famous Scopes Trial was held. Every year they hold a reenactment of that trial.

Now you can't go the Dayton without getting some strawberries. We stopped in a produce stand and I bought a flat of berries. We are on a motorcycle! LOL I took all the berries out and loaded them up in one of the saddlebags. Those berries are so sweet! No sugar needed at all! Nothing like getting fresh picked berries and eating them.

 After that we decided it was time to go home. Not 5 minutes later we decided to go to Fall Creek Falls. Off we went over the mountain headed to Pikesville and the park. Over winding roads climbing high into the clouds we went. The rain kept drizzling on us and occasionally the sky would open up and pour on us. Like a postman, nothing was going to keep us from our task! We were going to the falls!

After going over 2 mountains we finally arrived at the falls. We were tired and nightfall was coming. A quick drive thru the park, or at least enough of a drive to know we will be back, we headed home. Fog had set in and we knew the trip home could be very dangerous. Pat drove very carefully. On occasion he would pull over and let a car go by rather than let them stay behind us. Finally we were out of the mountain and the fog. We headed for home. We still had about 75 miles to go before we could rest our heads.

As we headed for home I kept seeing this strange glow in the sky. It was an orange glow that was not a sunset. The sun had been down for awhile at that time... not that it ever showed its face that day. I realized I was seeing the lights of Chattanooga. The closer we got the more I realized how much I would hate to live in a city again. I just can't imagine living in a place again where I cannot see the stars at night. I know you can see the stars in the city but, you can't see them all, only the brightest ones. I want to be able to step outside and smell grass, trees, flowers, skunks even! Not oil and pavement or exhaust fumes and maybe the occasional whiff of growing things. I guess my nose and eyes are spoiled now.

Back home after riding 230 miles, our longest trip yet. I do look forward to more trips in the future, rain or no rain.


  1. ally123130585918May 9, 2006 at 9:40 AM

    Celeste what a lovely day you had and the pictures are just great ~ and the strawberries sound delicious ~ 230 miles was a fair distance to cover ~ glad you enjoyed it ~ and looking forward to the next one ~ Ally

  2. Wow!  What a trip!  Glad you enjoyed it!  I long for the country, but here I sit, in the city!  Not a huge city, but definitely no smell of skunk!  Jae

  3. Glad to see helmets on those heads. Motorcycles scare me.
    I'll bet those waterfall areas look beautiful in the Fall!


  4. LOL  -  Yep, you must be on die hard biker babe now, cause you couldn't pay me to get on one with a wet pavement.  -  Barbara

  5. sexymomma772003May 9, 2006 at 1:15 PM

    Glad to hear that you enjoyed your day and mother nature didn't spoil it. Every day I long for the day that I can move into the country. I want my kids to have plenty of room to roam and play without having to worry about them going 20 ft and having to rein them back in. Also, I hear sirens on and off constantly all day, and neighbors so close. I long for the day I move away and just be free to sniff clean air, and enjoy true peace and quiet!

  6. Hi Celest!

    I live in a small town in the country and there are definately skunks around! lol So glad you had a great day out!  I loved going out on my friends bike with him- a few years back - he drove, I just enjoyed the wind in my hair. Yes, no helmet! :(  I know that's a bad bad thing.  I love fresh picked strawberries.  They tastes sooo much better!

    Have a great week!

  7. Hi Celeste!
    You and Pat look so happy in the pictures!!!! I am so glad that yall are taking time to be together and do things together...LIFE IS SHORT>>ENJOY EVERY MINUTE TOGETHER CELESTE!
    love always,

  8. P.s.
    Two things I am deathly scared of..swinging bridges and heights! You are soooo brave! lol I am glad that yall made it off the mountain in the fog...I been there done that, and it was scarey in a car...much less a motorcycle!  Those falls were gorgeous!
    love ya,

  9. I enjoyed reading your entry...my hubby has a motorcycle also and we ride it quite a bit...there's nothing quite like feeling the wind in your face...being able to smell the air, etc.....You both look like you're having such a great time!  Good for you!

    Take Care,

  10. WOW!!!  bet you got over being bored fast huh?...and bet it is fun riding in the rain...I love walking in the rain...and yes...you two are becoming"bigtime" bikers....enjoy while you can...and even tho I live on the edge of the city....am out far enough to enjoy the smells of country...and see the stars....know what you are talking about...hugs from ky...Ora

  11. My sister works in Dayton
    LOL I cant belive you put the stawberries into the saddle bag.
    Fall creek falls is a very pretty places. We have talked about staying in a cabin there for years now but havent yet

  12. Celeste
    My friend Ken and I used to take our motorcycles on trips like this one over twenty five years ago.  They are some of the best memories I have of that era.  I love just going and seeing what is around the next bend.

  13. I enjoyed this very much, sounds like you had a great day out,

  14. I just love your "On The Road" stories!


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