Wednesday, May 17, 2006


My weekend was a tossup. Friday night my daughter took me to the Cowboy Church Rodeo. It was pretty good except I froze my rear off! They scratched the bucking broncos for some reason. I like them! One cowboy broke his arm on bull riding. No one rode to the bell, so there were no qualifiers that night. An 8 year old girl came in second place on barrel racing. Her first rodeo too! Then home again. frozen solid! It got cold!
Saturday Pat took me and Brook to the rodeo. It rained on us! And hail! We took off to the shelter and the hail hit. On our way some man not looking where he was going plowed into Brook. Had it not been for Pat's quick reactions she would have been hurt! He did not even bother to say excuse me or see if she was hurt. The thing that gets me is he shoved her sideways after he ran into her! We headed home after that.
    Sunday I awake with sniffles but I ignore them. LOL We go over to my daughter's house to eat lunch which turned into an adventure! The power went off in the middle of cooking. Luckily the roast was done. So Johnnie fired up the grill and finished cooking. After what was a pleasant lunch we went to Pat's mother. That was not so pleasant. So we will not dwell on that.
Monday Pat took me to Subway for lunch. Brrok and I went to Pizza Hut for dinner. No cooking for me!
Yesterday and today I am paying for my outing. I have a cold. Sore throat, sneezing, coughing and a stuffed up nose.
So that was my weekend.


  1. Sorry you got sick, but it was going pretty well up until then :)


  2. I sure do miss Subway, but it's got way too much sodium for me.

  3. Sorry you got sick. I just got over a bad cold. Get some Zicam nasal gel. It shortens colds.

    Feel better soon,

  4. So sorry you don't feel well...get some chicken noodle soup! lol
    I hate summer colds, threy stick around longer than winter ones!
    That man should be ashamed of himself....Poor little Brook..
    Hope you feel better real soon Celeste.
    love always,

  5. ally123130585918May 18, 2006 at 4:49 AM

    I would love to go see a Rodeo ~ sorry you were cold ~ Nothing is fun when it is raining ~ Horrible person knocking into Brook and not saying sorry ~ Not surprised you got a cold getting cold two days running ~ hope you feel better soon ~ Lucky the roast was done and Johnnie fired the grill to finish cooking lunch ~ Ally

  6. Celeste
    Glad I wasn't around to see that man shove Brook after he ran into her.  Rain or no rain, there is no excuse for that behavior.  I'm sure I would have gotten into it with him.  Sorry you have the sniffles, I hope they are short lived.  I wonder why the scratched the bucking broncos that night.  My only guess is they had no riders for the event.  My Dad took me to the rodeo many times when I was a little boy.  I always loved it.

  7. awww gee whiz....all that fun and games...and you have to pay the to speak....hope meds help make it all better....Hugs from ky...Ora

  8. Seemed you were just having a run in with the weather every which way you turned!  Hope you are well soon.   -  Barbara

  9. wow no cooking sounds good to me.

  10. Sounds like quite a week-end. Hope your sniffles go away soon. we don't ever go to any of the rodeos or roping at the Cowboy Fellowship just to church. It too hot here. Paula

  11. I  hope you get over your cold soon.  The pollen has been really bad here, and that has been causing me to sneeze and have a sore throat.

  12. hey I went to the rodeo friday night too. We sat in the stands with the contestants and family. hubby's work friend was ropeing cavles. He didnt get to rope till after the main rodeo was over. We froze our butts off too! The 8 year old the came in second-- it was all horse! That horse was ready to run the couse before they opened the gate. They had to hold it back! The little girl was scarred and I was scarried for her. I'm sure the girl had some skill but she had a good horse. i cant belive we were there at the same time! Tommy had a bad break-- he though to much slack in his rope so his calf got away. I didnt see to many of them catch theirs.


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