Friday, May 12, 2006

so so

I have been having a bit of trouble writing lately. Not sure why I have not been able to write about things that are going on but don't worry I will not be leaving my journal. I have been allowing myself to get muddled down in mundane details that do nothing more than compliciate my life. Sometimes I wish I was better at turning off the thinking process!

One thing that has happened is that Pat is back on second shift. Now that would not be so bad if he was actually going to a job he liked.

Another thing is Brook is spending more time with her mama even when she does not want to go. That has been hard for me to deal with. What do you say to a child that says this is home but when I am at my mama's I have to say that it is cause if I say it is mama's house she says things to me. I just told her that this will always be her home for as long as she wants even if she is not living here. That she will always have this place to come to.

I have a birthday coming up. Gonna be 47 years old. Now that does not bother me at all. At least the age thing does not. What I am wondering is if anybody here at home will even remember it. It is marked on calendar. Pat received an email alert that Monday is the day. But will he actually remember? We will see.

I can't seem to finish getting my garden in and that is a downer. The rain won't stop long enough for it to dry out enough to finish it. The corn is growing though and so are the peas. The small garden does look good though even though I am not through there either.

I lost my Bible. I have no idea where I could have lost it at. I have had to go to online site just to do my reading. Do you have any idea how much it costs for a large print Bible these days?

So that is just a bit of what is happening. I know. There is nothing major going on just all the little things are starting to pile up on me and weigh me down. Thinking of asking for happy pills next time I go to doctor.


  1. The daily mundane activities of life can seem irrelevant at times, but hey, that's what makes up our lives. If we always had exciting things going on, then those things would become mundane and "normal" we wouldn't appreciate them as much as when they happen at certain times or on the spur of the moment.

  2. Well, you know today is mine and they all remembered this year.........Not all of my family usualy does. Just keep getting older and eventually they will figure it all out. Slow learners. : ) : ) : )

    I hope you find your bible.


  3. just think...where did you have your Bible last???  go back in thought....good luck....and well I just had my 68 birthday...sooooo I think most will remember....shucks...just drop hints...healthy ones LOLOLOL...Hugs from KY....Ora

  4. Oh, you've got the blues.  Nothing is very large on its own, but all those little straws together add up to a haystack!  Hopefully Pat won't be on 2nd very long.  God bless Brook and you, but she'll be okay, as long as she can feel your love.  If no one makes a big deal out of your birthday, don't feel bad......they hardly notice mine.  The sun WILL come out one day and you'll get that garden going.  I know it is hard to loose a beloved Bible, but perhaps it'll turn up of its own accord.  If not, look around online.  Sometimes you can actually order Bibles of any type way cheaper than through a Christain bookstore.   I know.....this just sounds like so much drivel.  ;o)  Guess I should just shut up and say I care and I'm here if you need me.  -  Barbara

  5. isnt there a saint that helps you find lost things?

  6. Celeste,
    Sorry you are feeling blue......think about what an honor it is that Brook consisders your house HOME...and let her know that she does not have to repeat it in front of her mama..that it can be just between you two....sounds like there is a lot of jelousy going on with her mama....God bless you Celeste..hope things get better soon.
    love always,

  7. ally123130585918May 13, 2006 at 5:40 AM

    sometimes Celeste they are the little things piled on top of one another that start to wear you down ~ hope you feel better soon ~ I am sure Brook knows your house is her home and always will be ~ the time will come when she can make her own choices and I am pretty sure of the choice she will make ~ hope you get to sort your garden out ~ and I hope your Bible turns up ~ Ally

  8. Celeste
    I'll bet Pat does remember your birthday.  By the way, Happy Birthday, LOL!  If I had happy pills, I'd send you a few, honest!  I'm sure you'll get a chance to finish your garden soon.  You may just have a late yield this year, but that might make your fall season just that more interesting.  Don't worry about writing every day.  We'll still be here even if you only do an entry every now and again.  Happy Mother's Day.  Or perhaps I should say Happy Grandmother's Day?

  9. You could maybe check for a large print bible? Just a though for a back up once you find yours! Happy upcoming birthday. I say plan something for yourself so in case no one else does you will be happy :)


  10. I'm sure if you stop looking for it your Bible will reappear.  That's how I find things, I quit looking for them!  
    It's the small everyday stuff that adds up that can make you down.  Hope you will start feeling better soon.


  11. Well, I can relate to the "writing" part. Think we all go through periods of doubt, depression, or whatever. Hang in, we love ya. rich

  12. I know we need the rain but so much of it is tireing. I ready for it to be warmer.

  13. Hope Pat remembered your birthday and hope you find your bible. It seems when you get a new one it isn't the same. Paula

  14. I know just what you mean.  I've been having those "muddled-down-in-the-mudane-can't-turn-off-the-thinking-process" days, too!  Hope you find your Bible or can get another inexpensively.  And I hope the rain lets up to let you get your garden in, too.


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