Monday, May 1, 2006

A bit of this and that and a lot of rant

An update on Fred, my friend's father that has cancer: The drug company called him and informed him that they would be FED EXing his chemo drugs to him the next day at no cost. Sure enough the received them and he has started on his chemo. For once a drug company has put the patient's best interests first, unlike the government.

My corn is coming up good in my garden. The small garden is growing good also. I wish I had a garden claw to help with the small garden. Make it easier to weed! Hopefully I will get some more stuff in today.

The grass has jumped up. I need to get busy cutting it.

Brook and I baked cookies Saturday. We made honey oatmeal raisin cookies. They were so good!

Gas prices came down a bit this weekend. I was listening to a debate the other day on gas prices. In it a senator said that gas companies are not gouging prices. Now I am hearing this right after I just read that one oil company posted a 60% increase in PROFITS over last year. Profit is defined as whet you make AFTER you deduct operating costs, salaries made out, money spent on exploration, ect.

Does anybody remember the oil embargo in 1973? I do. I remember the government saying that we would be reducing our dependence on foreign oil. Instead, now more than 60% of our oil is from foreign sources. For the past 3 years I have been reading an email calling for a boycott of certain oil companies for a day. Does anybody really believe that would work? It won't. How stupid. Everyone would just wait another day to fill up or do it the day before. The only way that something like that would work is if the United States boycotted the oil! Don't buy it. No oil from the middle east. They would not sell it to us in the 70's , now how about we not buy from them in 2006?

Today is the day that Mexicans are going to not buy anything American. They are not going to work or anything. They want to force America to change their immigration policies and other laws. They want all rights to all benefits. Excuse me! If I am in your country illegially where would I be? In jail?Prision? Kicked out? YES!!! Yes you snuck in our country, yes you work here, working jobs you say no one else will do. Where do you get off saying that I won't do those jobs? I cleaned toliets for a living. I picked cotton to buy food for my family. I cut grass and pulled weeds so my family could eat. Don't give me that crap that Americans won't do the jobs.

Ok. I have that off my chest.

Go pick some flowers today and give them away. It is May Day! Also go spend some money to in support of America. wear RED or BLUE to show your support. The boycotters are wearing white.

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  1. Glad that Fred is going to get the meds he needs.
    Tell it like it is on the immigration thing. I agree with you 100%. Helen

  2. Glad the the company was good and Fred got his medication. Hope all goes well for him. Glad your corn is growing, hope you are managing to keep the birds off.

  3. Oh, how great Fred got the meds!  Happy May Day!  Jae

  4. I'm with you! My father and grandparents came to this country and had to follow rules and my father was SO PROUD to be an American and follow the laws and rules.


  5. Celeste, You said it right!!! How dare they "break into our house" and then demand that we let them live there??? The world is going crazy, and we Americans are going to let illegals steal out country right out from under our noses.

  6. Celeste
    you sure make some good points here today regarding both the gas prices and the immigrants.  Glad to hear your gardens are coming in already.  I wish we had room for one in our yard.  I love fresh picked produce.

  7. thegirlnexdoor77May 1, 2006 at 4:28 PM

    YOu have some really good points...I am glad that Fred got his Cancer meds...will be praying for him...hugs, TerryAnn

  8. Immigration is a hot topic in Europe too at the present time - I am not sure where I stand on that. As an EU citizen, me and my family get to live and work any where within the EU. We are lucky. Others are not so fortunate. At the moment we live in Scotland, but we are Irish, and one day we might choose another country, if the work situation is right. However, I do agree that illegal immigrants should not be able to make demands,

  9. Good luck to Fred!


  10. I will not be seen picking veggies out in a field for a $1.

    Immigrants are people, too! Let them do it.


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