Tuesday, December 22, 2015


The doctor came in today and cancelled the chemo. He ordered a biopsy to check for cancer in his lymph nodes that are enlarged to over 3 cm in size. This changes everything. If there is cancer there then it is only a matter of time. Surgery will be cancelled most likely and I don't know what will be done about chemo. He said treatment options change. If no cancer treatment goes as planned. If cancer then we will find out next Tuesday. Tuesday we report again for chemo treatment.

Pat said if it is cancer then it is over. Damn it. He cannot give up hope like that. He has to keep fighting.

I don't want to be a widow yet.


  1. I'm sorry to hear of this possible downturn, Celeste. Keep up your spirit, I know it's really, really difficult at this time.

  2. Celeste I am sure there is another treatment they can use so that it will work better. I had breast cancer which travelled into my lymph nodes. (6 of them) I was given two different chemo treatments, four dozes of each, spread over 8 months. That was ten years ago. I hope and pray your dear husband fights this and doesn't give up! I'm sure the oncologist will come up with the answer for you both. Prayers. xx


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