Monday, December 21, 2015

Apparently I have a lot of anger

Apparently I have a lot of anger issues right now.
I am angry at my husband for allowing himself to get to this stage.
I am angry at myself for not seeing that he had something going on.
I am angry at my family for not being a warm and loving family.
I am angry at his family for being selfish asses that only  look after them selves or what they can get from you.
I am angry that after 25 years he still does not get it that I cannot hear him from the other room.
I am angry that I feel so helpless.

I knew I would be my husband's caregiver at some point but I never figured cancer. I always thought it would be his COPD. I was prepared for that not this.

Chemotherapy, surgery, maybe more chemotherapy. Does he have months? Will he have years?

Scary word-CANCER

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