Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mountain ride

Today we rode horses up the side of a mountain. Well part way up. I decided that I had had enough!. It was hard on me and the horses. Hard on my nerves! It is not easy to ride a horse that is slipping on the trail! I did not relish the thought of sliding off a mountain. I know, I know, I would have hit a tree first but that was not appealing either!

I celebrate horses.


  1. I wouldn't be able to even get that far so I'm happy you were able to get halfway. At least you tried and I bet it was beautiful.

  2. Me asking 'what were you thinking' isn't like that. In fact, having gone thru the school at Ft Campbell, I think it is more like that, at least that was part of it for me ...

    ... being nervous and still pushing myself to do what I needed to do. What I wanted to do. There is something about pushing yourself and finding your limits that is exciting.

    Same reason I run on the hottest day of the year or try to ride my bike 100 miles in a day. Is it something like that that had you riding up that mountain?

  3. Nice way to spend your day ... with your horses. I celebrate them with you!


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