Monday, June 15, 2009

Comment Luv

Today I am trying something new. I installed Comment Luv on my site. I have seen it on other blogs and I really liked it. It took a bit to do because after all it is new. LOL. I did not lose any of my old comments (and there were 11786 of them). I did have to join 2 sites to do it and install 2 different plug-ins but I am hoping it is worth it. Let me know how it does.

The other day when Pat came home from work he came running in telling me that a chicken was hollaring. I knew what that meant, an animal was after my chickens. He went for the gun and I grabbed the light. 1 baby was in the driveway with it's mama. I knew right then that bad news faced us. I flashed the light around looking for eyeballs but saw none. I could smell the sweet, pungent scent of a skunk in the air. We get to the back of a car that is sitting in the yard(yes, it is non-running and in weeds so that makes me a redneck) and I see a baby chick on the ground. I bend over to catch it and it tries to get away. I catch it and notice right away that its feathers have been plucked from its neck to tail on its belly side. I also noticed that the baby's legs were not moving much. I placed that action to being petrified but I was wrong. One leg is not working at all. The other leg moves but cannot support the baby. I have it in the house it is eating and drinking. It pulls itself around the cage with its wings and beak. It is alert and peeps but its legs all laying lifeless. I really do not know if it is cruel to keep it alive but I cannot bring myself to kill it when it is trying to live. I am hopeful that 1 leg will recover. It does grip my finger when I place my finger against the bottom of its foot. I had a one legged chicken before. If neither leg gets any better it could end up in the stewpot. Okay that may be TMI for some people. Ignore it, my heart may not allow that to happen either. We found the other baby the next day with 2 bites out of its soft belly. Pat buried that one.

Not a good week for chickens. Today I lost one of my Americana chickens. Abby, Johnny's dog came down and decided to kill one. Our neighbor caught her carrying it off down the driveway and chased her away. She also injured the leg on one of my baby Rhode Island Red roosters. He is walking but favoring one leg. Made me a bit upset because I have raised them up from little chicks. They are pullet size now. Should be laying in a month or so. So that means I am down to 10 chickens(not counting the ones that run around the yard), 8 pullets and 2 roosters. One of the Americanas may be a rooster even though I paid for pullets.

I celebrate my pool is ready to swim in!


  1. That is a sad tale, but you tell it with the finality of one who has accepted this as part of having chicken.
    It would take me some getting used to having animals prey on my coop.

  2. Akkk on the stewpot. Put a warning so I don't read that entry. I don't think it is cruel to keep her alive if she doesn't seem to be in pain, but if she does..

  3. im not sure I understand what comment luv is????


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