Thursday, June 25, 2009

Heat and the joys of home ownership

It has been so hot lately. I have not wanted to do anything!. Today I have to get out and fix fence. I am afraid that I have neglected a vital part of electric fencing, keeping the weeds off of it. The horses went through the fence last night. It is too hot to deal with this!

Speaking of heat, my A/C is not working properly. Actually it is, the vents are not working right. The drain hose got stopped up and I did not realize it until I found water on my laundry room floor. I thought that my washer quit on me again but it was not so. Now I have to cut out the insulation and replace it. I had to poke a hole in the what ever it is called that carried the air to the registers in the floor, to drain water. That's right water. After dipping out about 100 gallons I gave up and crawled under the house and poked a hole in the bottom. I also poked holes in the water barrier to allow water to drain out of the insulation. There was a LOT of water. The water had pulled the whatever down off the unit and was blowing nice cool air underneath the house! NOT what needed cooling! With the weight of the water out it is not blowing as much out and the house is cooling off again. Tomorrow I will be cutting out the insulation to see how I can repair the damage. Oh the joys of home ownership. Hopefully I can get by without replacing the floor!


  1. Don't you go getting heat stroke doing all that outside work. I ran a long skinny brush in our outside a/c drain one day and lots of yuck came out. When I don't see water dripping out of that drain I know something needs to be done.

  2. Woman's work is never done...and to think that I use to think men had a hard life! Boy was I wrong. Hope you get it fixed Celeste and please try to not get too hot or dehydrated.

  3. I am aware of all the joys of homeownership, esp OLD home ownership. I hope you don't get sick out there in the broiling sun...but I understand the need to get things done.~Mary

  4. Oh yeah, the joys of home ownership... isn't it fun!??! LOL Sounds like you're getting it done, but wow, in the heat we've been having... crazy. Stay hydrated, we don't need you passing out in this heat!!



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