Friday, January 9, 2009

Thursday thirteen

Thursday Thirteen:"The Letter A"
  1. Appetite: something I need to lose
  2. Aging: I am trying to do this gracefully
  3. AOL: I am still finding stuff from it on my computer.
  4. Azalea: I would love to grow some in my yard.
  5. Apples: I have a tree I need to cut down because it does not bare
  6. Andrews: the author of a book I am reading right now.
  7. Adolescents: Had to deal with one today that made me want to smack him.
  8. ADVAIR: a medicine that is helping to keep Pat breathing, that we will not be able to afford when he retires.
  9. Asthma: I wish there was a cure for it. Pat is suffering so much lately.
  10. Arkansas: neighbor of Missouri
  11. Alabama: My brother lives there, my daddy was from there.
  12. Ads: something I MIGHT someday get paid for, which would never of happened on AOL
  13. Apron: I need one
If you want to play along, leave a comment with your link at "Izzy 'N Emmy" so she can include you.


  1. Would have like to have seen how your #7 shook out!!

  2. Yay! Thanks for playing! I have heard lots of people who said ADVAIR helps them a lot. I never realized how costly it was.

    This is the second list with AOL. It seems that it is losing it's way in the world wide web.

    Thanks again for playing and I look forward to your list next week.


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