Saturday, January 3, 2009

Not the best start

Well I did not have the best start to the new year. First thing I had to get up early to take Brook to the asthma doctor. They ran a full battery of tests for her asthma including allergy testing again. She was not a happy camper. we were there for 4 hours! The good news is that she can stop taking her Advair. She is to take Singular anda nose spray. Oh yes, she also starts allergy shots every week starting next month. For a farm girl she got bad news. tested bad to all the grasses, some trees, and cats! Now that is the one that killed her! AND that is the one that finally made her less mad about the shots.Most of the rest of New Year's Eve was spent at Pat's mother's bedside. We went home that evening and spent the actual ball dropping at home. The next day, we get up to go for a ride on the bike and the battery was dead. No ride. We get a call that his mother was getting worse so we head up there. The rest of the day was spent at her bedside. Pat and I went home around 10 pm. We get the call a 4 that she was fading fast so we got dressed and headed up there. I was already half awake since I was expecting the call. The rest of the morning was spent with his family and making arrangements. I then took Pat to his dentist appointment. OUCH that will be one expensive trip that we make back in February! He is to have the bottom teeth removed and some bone smoothing done as he is pretty bumpy. That will make the plates fit beter. He will then get full choppers. We then came home and I figured we would die. But nope that was not to happen. I then started arranging a memorial service for Hazel. No one wanted to do it as they were afraid it would cost money. I was NOT going to let her death go by without some recognization of her life. I have the church and music lined up for Sunday, and food for afterwards. I typed up the obit and a short note for the pastor with some additional info. Topday I need to go pick up a photo album and some pictuires and make up a display for people to see. She was cremated so thwere is no body to say goodbye to.

Hazel ,81, of Rossville, passed away Friday, January 2,2009.
A native of Lookout Mountain Georgia, she lived the greater part of her life in Rossville area and was retired from Koch's Bakery with more than 40 years of service. Ms. Turner was of the baptist faith and was preceded in death by her granddaughter Tonya Day, and sister, Alice Holloway.

Survivors include her daughters, J P & C H of Rossville, V S, Lucerne, Indiana; son, Pat Holloway, LaFayette, GA;brothers, A T,Rossville, C T,Lookout Valley, & R T, Soddy Daisy; sisters, M W,Trenton, GA, & G S, Chattanooga; grandchildren, S T, C H, C D, J W, & R H; nine great-grandchildren, one great-great-child, several nieces and nephews.

Born on the mountain to John and Maxine Turner, the second living child of a large and loving family. She was a small woman with a big heart. She loved her family fiercely and would do anything for them. She would give the food from her plate and go hungry if that was needed. She was a hard worker and always provided for her family. She bought her own house and filled it with her love. She loved her grandchildren and no one was allowed to ever say anything against them or they would suffer her wraith.

She was a Christian. She believed in the Lord, our Savior.


  1. Wow... Rough start for the New Year. I am so sorry for Pat's (and your) loss.

  2. Hi Celeste...sorry for Pat's loss...and yours...and what a beautiful tribute you wrote...God Bless...hugs..Ora

  3. Let's hope your year starts looking up. Very nice obituary.

  4. so sad some of her family didn't want to do anything in memorial for her because of fear of it costing money; she sounded like a wonderful woman and I'm glad you are taking the time and energy to put together a fitting memorial for her

    so sorry for her passing; but as she believed in Jesus, we know she's resting with him in heaven


  5. My condolances go out to all the family. You did good in writing up the obit and getting things together. Helen

  6. I`m so sorry for your loss Celeste and Pat, my condolences to all the family.

    Love and Hugs

    Sandra xxxx

  7. I'm sorry for your's and Pat's loss. That was a beautiful obituary. Sheila

  8. She sounds like one heck of a lady! I know you both will miss her terribly.

  9. That is a beautiful obituary. Nice job! Sorry about your loss however.. Linda

  10. Celeste, please give Pat my sympathy for his mom's passing.
    Thank god for you Celeste or it seems that poor lady would not have even had her life here reconized...God will surely bless you for doing what others damn should have done.

  11. I am sorry to read about your loss. You did a wonderful job writing the obit and I am sure your organization and arrangements are well appreciated.


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