Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tae Kwon Do and stuff

I looked back and realized that I have not been posting regularly enough. Too much information is being left out so this entry will be an attempt to catch everyone up with what has been happening.
Saturday Brook had outdoor training for black belts. It was a biter cold day. 3 hours of doing whatever in the cold. One thing they had to do that Master Lee did not have the younger ones do was get in the creek. I felt sorry for those that had to do that. I am not sure that I would have been able to do that unless I was going in after someone. One thing they did was cut bamboo with a samurai sword. The weapons class is going well. I was pleased with how many people are taking it. Sometimes there is not many taking the extra classes. It is nice to see Corey back in the classes again. The kids really like him. He is a good young man.
Oh yes. Brook started her allergy shots yesterday. She was not happy with it but it is something she needs. She will be glad she had them when she gets older.
10 more days and I become a toothless hag! LOL Well maybe not a hag but I will be toothless. Do not expect any photos of me smiling during the time that I have no teeth which will be about 3-4 months. My dentist wants me to wait that long for several reasons, diabetes, and the condition my gum and bone is in right now. He said I really need to heal before putting anything in my mouth. Hopefully I will lose weight! A liquid and mush diet should accomplish that.
Crystal is doing better, I think. The hussy broke out of the yard last night and went back into the field. Her foot was oozing yesterday so we put her back into the yard to keep a better eye on it. Now she is back in the field and I have to find the broken fence and fix it AND catch her to put her back in the yard at least for the day.
Okay. Time to fix breakfast and get busy. Talk to y'all later.


  1. Interesting entry. I have recently had some dental work and got partials put in. When I take them out ... WOW!

    Not familiar with all the tae kwon do folks, but that 'initiation' they went thru, had to certify in their minds that they are part of something special and unique ...

    ... and that they are a bad, bad man (or girl!)!

  2. Hi Celeste, Tae Kwon Do sounds so hard, Brooke must really tough. Good luck with the dental work.

    Love and ((Hugs))

    Sandra xxxx

  3. Ok, I was a dental assistant for 10 years so I am curious about the toothless situation....are you missing teeth now? Are you losing them as a result of gum diease? Wishing you the best of luck!

  4. Hey Celeste...sorry you have to loose all your teeth...don't forget to put them under your know..."the tooth fairy"...hey...worth a try LOLOL!!!God Bless....hugs...Ora ps..why won't we get a pic...????

  5. Sounds like Brook had a hard test of sorts with the cold execise! I wish I had the money to get some of my teeth pulled up top and have a partial put in...I know you will not only feel better but will love your new look.

  6. Thanks for catching us up. I'm glad to hear Brook is doing well. I hope those 3 or 4 months go by very quickly.

  7. That sounds like a hard way to loose weight to me. I wish you luck.

    As for the horse, sounds like she is feeling good even if she has a hurt leg. Escaping takes some thought on her part. They usually don't do those kinds of things when they are feeling bad.


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