Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Normal? NOT

Well I was hoping things would get back to normal. Well maybe they really are, I am just not pleased with it! Normal is not 4 inches of rain in 12 hours with no sign of a let up. That's right. It started raining early this morning and it is flooding! In one week we have had 5 inches of rain. That is okay except it all came in the last 48 hours! I just got a phone call from the school notifying us that the school will be closed tomorrow due to flooding. I like the new system they have started this year. We all get a call and a text message when school is to be closed, delayed or let out early. Beats getting up at 5 to listen to the news!

I made a trip to the dentist today. I have an appointment next month to get teeth pulled. Actually I will be getting them all pulled. It is something I have know was coming for a long time. It will be nice to not have bleeding gums and aching teeth again. By the 4th of July I should have a nice pretty set of choppers.He is recommending that I wait 3-6 months before getting falsies so I can heal good. I have already suffered bone loss. Being diabetic I will also heal slower. One month later Pat will be getting his teeth pulled also. Well, we will be running around with matching toothless smiles! LOL

Brook started a weapons class tonight. She will be learning to fight with a short staff. It will be good for her. He is teaching them how to defend themselves with what they can get their hands on. The classes are starting to get pretty physical. I wish I was in it. It would be a good thing for me. But alas, I am not able to do that sort of thing yet.

The horses are not happy with all the rain. The goat is even sadder. He has trouble crossing the flooded field and he hates being out in the rain. I worry about all the mud and water they have to deal with but there are no options. IF we had some heavy equipment and lots of money we could fix the flooding in the fields. A pond would be nice with an over flow that leads to the creek. A new culvert for the driveway and an elevation in one part of the driveway with a culvert pipe there also.

Ok I need to get off here and fold socks and towels. Sounds normal! LOLOL


  1. Something odd came up when I clicked to come comment!?! Oh, well. Things do sound normal. Just maybe not exactly what you were hoping for. ;o) God bless you both.

  2. I'm glad you're getting your teeth done. You'll feel better! Good for Brook taking that class! Should be fun for her.
    WOW on the rain! We've NEVER had that much! Stay safe in it.

  3. that is a lot of rain!!! I do like the system though that they notify you about events at school!

    take care of yourself


  4. I'm glad you sound as if you are feeling better these days. When you get you teeth out maybe you will feel even better. I'm wishing you well and Pat too.

  5. The weather sucks ....... as you will be soon!!!

    I've always thought that teeth are a very bad design ..... I need to go to the dentist myself but haven't had the time [or the money] available recently - oh well

  6. I have the choppers thing ahead of me too. I've put it off and put it off. Trouble is, dentists all want people to spend thousands of dollars on the most expensive fix there is. No thanks.


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