Thursday, August 21, 2008


Either no alerts or everybody is tired of hearing me whine. No matter. I am here to stay in one form or another.

I took Brook to the Dentist this morning. She goes back in 2 weeks to get 1 tooth pulled and possibly 2 others. The "big girl" teeth are there but the baby ones are not turning loose. No cavities, which is good and except for the one that is coming in wrong her teeth are straight and not crowded. After the tooth is pulled that tooth may very well drop into place where it belongs.

Today has been a very ho hum day other than that. So far all I have done is play games. I have a headache and really do not feel like doing a thing.

I am working on getting back into reading and commenting. I have not forgotten anybody. I am still reading even if I have not sadi anything. Y'all are my lifeline to the world beyond me.


  1. I got your alert. People are all tied up with J-land's fifth anniversary I think. Glad you got to take Brook to the dentist. I'm sure you will take any time you can get. You are helping her mother even if she doesn't admit it and that is nice of you. Paula

  2. Hi Celeste,  We are out here.  Maybe not commenting as much as we should.  I know I just lurk a lot of times.

  3. Hi Celeste...I get your alert...some I don't get...some I do...I just take as they come LOL...and you just whine all ya want...makes no matter to me....cause I want to know what is going on with you and yours....glad Brook got a good grand dau did the same...she just had her four wisdom pulled...cause the other teeth were coming in right behind do so well at the I hate them with a passion LOLOLOL...hugs and God Bless...Ora

  4. I'm always here.  And go ahead and whine, although I don't see it that way.
    Some alerts I get and some I don't.   I don't think they work half of the time.

  5. I don't think you're whining. You are talking of your life. I'm sorry I'm behind in reading journals. Not just yours.
    I hope you ARE here to stay. I'd hate it if you left.

  6. Sometimes it's hard to get the work done around the house & keep up with journal alerts too.  Linda in Washington state  

  7. not sure what's up with alerts! I am getting some and not others!!!! UGH, wish it would get back to normal!

    YEAHHH to NO cavities, sounds like she is goig to break the toothfairy though! ;)

    I fell behind on journals there for a while too!
    wish they were down when I fell behind then it wouldn't of been that bad!  



  8. I am glad you are here !! Good that Brook has no cavities and I know she will be happy to get that tooth out so the other one can drop down. Sorry you have a headache . Hope you feel better real soon .Take care .

    ((( Hugs )))

  9. Alerts have been very weird lately!

  10. I been wondering about you ...Hope things are easing up on your end of town. love ya,

  11. i am far from being tired of reading your journal. I dont mind if you whine. Lord knows I whine all the time lol.. I hope all goes well for Brook at the dentist. I hate going ya, Christine

  12. I'm here!  I had gotten way behind and finally deleted all alerts and started over, but I'm making sure I check in with every journal, even if they haven't posted recently.  So here I am! lol  I'm glad Brook is getting those teeth out.  Andrew is getting his wisdom teeth cut out next month.  Take care and post again soon so we know how you're doing!

  13. I hope your weekend was nice!  I think of you and pray for you even though it may be days in between connecting with you in some way.  -  Barbara


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