Friday, August 1, 2008


Brook insisted on going to school this morning. Poor thing her face was terrible. I made a doctor's appointment for her. When I picked her up at 1 o'clock the black circles under her eyes were no longer black. That worried me. They put her on antibiotics and prednisone.  If it is worse in morning then we have to go back to doctor. They may send her for a ct scan then. Dang. All this for a wasp sting!

Fleas are bad this year. Poor Scampi has had bath after bath. Collars and the stuff from the vet just will not keep up with them.

Well it is Friday. Wonder if the week continues like it has or if...


  1. I sure hope she's ok now. Give her a hug for me ok?
    Hugs Pam

  2. I hope Brook gets the treatment she needs and recovers quickly.  As for Scamp, can you get some tea tree oil.  Put some drops on a cotton wool pad and wipe all over the dog. Nothing deters fleas like tea tree which is also very good for wounds etc.  

  3. Poor Brook!  Poor Grammy!  There is always a worry or two ... that would definitely concern me.  

  4. Poor baby!  Hannah's nose and now Brooks eyes.  You know I'm keeping her in my prayers.  - Barbara

  5. awwww...bless her heart...Poor little Brook has the worse luck!!
    I forget, is scampi a dog or cat??? If it is a dog, Have you tried putting apple cider vinegar in it's water? You only put like a half teaspoon in a gallon....suppose to help with the fleas.
    love ya,

  6. OH bless her heart.  I hope Brook is better today.  I know she must be miserable.

  7. She must be extremely allergic to the things.  
    Fleas are bad here, too.


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