Saturday, February 16, 2008

this week

This week has been a pretty good week, I think. Well I guess overall it has been. Last Friday I went to the doctor for blood work and stuff. My A1C was great. Monday I get a call for me to come into the doctor's office for my test results. that sounded ominous. Usually I get the results over the phone. So Tuesday I went in . My cholesterol level was 229. Now I know that that is on the bad side but not generally a cause for alarm. In this case it was. My LDL was 199. that puts me in very high risk category for heart attack. I am now on Zocor to lower it.
Brook has been feeling a bit off all week. She has had a nagging cough. Last night it all came to a head. She started running a fever. It got up to 104.3 and broke. I am pretty sure it is just a virus. She is feeling tons better today.

It is a beautiful day today. Now if I can just get Pat motivated to get moving...


  1. You don't have much HDL at all, do you? I hope your triglycerides were OK. I hope the Zocor helps! It should :-)


  2. good luck with the Zocor.....and you have my prayers for healing and a healthy life....glad Brook is better...amazing how their young bodies spike a temp like that and then are just fine....guess we should be glad she are a good Grandma....and it is sunshiney and 58 degrees here ... chilly but nice....hugs and God Bless...Ora

  3. good luck with

  4. Just take your Zocor like a good girl.  Hey, motorcycle weather is just around the corner.

  5. Hope the meds help it come down! Glad Brook is feeling better. Poor baby.

  6. What Donna said.  Watch Brooke's fever...turns out the flu vaccine isn't helping anybody!  grrrr


  7. Wow-glad your on Zocor now, that should help A LOT!

    poor Brook, I KNOW exactly how miserable she must be, poor girl. I hope she is better asap.

  8. I hope Brook is feeling much better by now.  So sorry about your LDL being high.  I hope the ZOCOR is helping and that you aren't having any other problems.  Glad you had that bloodwork done, though.


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