Thursday, February 28, 2008

not sure lol

Hard to get motivated when you really do not want to get going. I have got to find some kind of inspiration or something. More than likely I need some vitamins or something. Yep that's what I need, some more pills to take. I need B but I cannot take B3 because of my Zocor.  Oh well. I will get some energy somewhere.

The cold came back. I was hoping it was over and Spring was here. March will be here Saturday.  maybe Spring will stick this time. One good thing I did not feel as achy this time with the cold. I guess that shot helped! LOL

My barn is the cleanest it has been all winter. It has been cleaned everyday.  makes me want a hired hand. Anybody have a daughter that needs to be disciplined? LOL My house needs cleaning. Or a son that cleans? LOL Is my laziness showing?

The babies are doing great. Two came out of the nesting box day before yesterday. I put them back that night so they would stay warm. They have not come back out. One of the babies is still without many feathers. It was born several days after the first 2. It is doing good. Chip is a good daddy. He makes sure to feed the littlest one first. It is a white bird like he is. The other 2 are pieds like Peaches is. I will get pictures when I get batteries for camera.

The horses are doing good. They think they are hungry because they have lost weight. Well they were fat. They needed to lose weight. Next month we will be taking Crystal to be bred. Gonna get a baby out of her. Maybe she will be nice to me after that. I doubt it. That horse does not like me.

Nothing is happening with me. I am just here.


  1. I'm read for spring too!  Next week looks a little better than the past week.  I was really draggy today, too.  Just couldn't seem to keep my eyes open!

  2. Our neighbors have a bird (not a parakeet) they hang it on the front porch when the weather is nice. It chirps and whistles when I go out so I answer it. We have quite a conversation in bird talk. Hope you find your energy soon and hope it isn't depression. that is no fun. Paula

  3. I hope you find some energy soon. No fun to be tired. You were pretty sick, though. That can drain you for awhile afterwards. Just don't overdue it too soon.

  4. There's nothing wrong with you that a nice long motorcycle ride wouldn't fix.  We have cabin fever too.

  5. Celeste
    The Winter Blahs seem to be taking over J-Land.  Hopefully Spring is only a few weeks away.  I'm glad that young man is helping clean your barn while you still have your cold.  Ialso hope you get over your cold soon and start to feel better.  Take care!

  6. I think that "spring fever" has invaded our journals....big time!!!  and Celeste....I for one am glad that "you are here"...cause if you weren't....we would be in a worse mess than we already are LOLOLOL....hang tough girl...there is a light of sunshine at the end of the tunnel....and if the young man did such a good job on the barn...maybe he would be interested in cleaning your house????  didn't think so???  but it is a thought LOLOL...hugs...Ora in KY

  7. ally123130585918March 1, 2008 at 5:16 AM

    Roll on Spring Celeste I think we all need a little sunshine to cheer us up ~ it has been a long Winter ~ Glad your babies are doing well ~ would like to see a picture of them ~ Hope Crystal gets a baby for you :o) ~ Ally x

  8. I hope you are feeling all better by now!



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