Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Life has been moving on.

Life has been moving on. I miss my Sebastian but I do not miss seeing him in misery. He may not have lived much longer on his own but it would not have been a good life. I placed him in a box that I had built for his finial resting place. He is buried down by the creek along side of Bear, Snowball and Miss Daisy and her unhatched ducklings. It is not marked by any stone or plaque. Nature will soon give him plenty of shade and greens and wild flowers. I will miss his help in the garden. He always watched me and made sure I did it right. I will never forget how he stayed by my side when I broke my back and endured strangers to come near him and touch him. I remember the rat he killed that dared come into the house and run across my bed while I was in it! It was a large, 10 pound rat! I will never forget all the times he pushed his head into my hands so I would pet him or the times I would cry into his fur.

I have been reading and lurking in the journals. I am sorry if I have not been commenting much.

My daughter is moved now. Brook is here more than she is there now. Makes me happy.

The babies are growing! New feathers are on the 2 oldest babies. The smallest is growing and thriving right now. I am keeping my eye on it in case I have to start feeding it myself.

Boy did we ever get rain last night or rather early this morning. It poured. My yard was flooded and so was the field. It has been a long time since I have seen so much water in my yard. I feel for all the people who lost homes and loved ones from this storm system.

I will lose weight now. I am being forced to eat soft foods only. Foods that do not require chewing! I have TMJ (self diagnosed). I looked it up and there were all my symptoms. I have had 2 serious jaw injuries on that side, one hairline fracture and a dislocation once. I cannot afford to go to dentist and have them tell me what to do. Only severe cases need surgery. The best treatment is rest of the jaw, therefore, no chewing, no yelling, no singing(like I could sing LOL), hot moist compresses, etc. It will get better soon I hope.


  1. Hope your jaw gets better soon. Sorry you have to lose weight this way. I did from my illness and it wasn't fun either. Since I like to eat it will probably come back on. Paula

  2. God bless you celeste.

  3. I'm sorry you miss Sebastian so much. I know he knew how much you loved him. He obviously loved you and wanted to protect you very much. Why else would he tackle a HUGE rat like that...UGH!
    Love the bird pics. They are so ugly that they are cute! LOL!
    I hope your jaw feels better soon. Take it easy.

  4. Ouch...TMJ is so painful, I`ve had it myself a couple of times and I don`t want it again.  It`s always hard when you lose a beloved pet  but like you said it would have been harder to see him suffer. It sounds as though you found him the perfect resting place. Take care.

    Love Sandra xxxx

  5. awww another new baby bird sweet is that !! I love them. Sounds like you found a perfect spot for Sebastian. I have several of my little pets buried in my back yard also and like you I did not put a stone or a plaque . I know where they are and that is all that matters. I know you miss your kitty. My thoughts are with you.

    (((Hugs )))

  6. I had that and they had me doing exercizes , it helped alot.
    mine was a very mild case though.

  7. Sorry to hear about your TMJ.  And so sorry about Sebastian.


  8. Good luck with the TMJ!



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