Friday, February 8, 2008

Doc and stuff

I went to the doctor this morning for blood work. My doctor was very pleased with the results of my A1C. It was 5.6 and my fasting blood was 110. He said that he wished all his diabetic patients would be like that. I am watchful of what I eat. I know I can have sweets but I also know I cannot over indulge in them. I am careful with the amount of carbs I eat. Overdoing it will cause highs and lows. I will get back the results of my thyroid test next week. I am hoping it is back in normal range. I hate getting blood work for that all the time and switching meds all the time. He told me to continue eating soft foods and liquid foods and resting my jaw. If it has not improved in a few weeks I will need to go to a dentist. Like that will happen.

Pat got his blood work back from his doc and it was normal. His calcium and magnesium level were being checked. He has been getting cramps in his hands. The doctor believes it is trigger finger. I am not so sure. I think it is more like swan neck. He has worked with his hands all his life and has suffered quite a few untreated injuries. I just hope that they hold out until retirement. He plans on retiring at 62 1/2. Sure he will have to take a reduction in SS but he is afraid because of his family history of heart disease (every male on his father side died in early 70's of heart disease and everyone on his mother's side has heart disease) that he will not live to enjoy retirement if he waits until 66 for full retirement

Brook is working hard at Tae Kwon Do. She is on the Demo Team again with a whole new group. I am just amazed at the improvement in her in just 1 year. She is growing up on me. She is also getting that smart mouth that will find a bar of soap in it if she is not careful!

Scampi is finally settling back down. Pup moved out on my. He moved up to where my daughter has moved to. Scampi has been going nuts. He would run away and go up there. It was killing him that Pup and Brook were both up there. He loves Brook to death. She has been staying here a bit more this week so he is settling back down. I bought a pet bed at Goodwill for $1 and he has moved into it. I bought it for Buddy but Scampi found it and got in it. It is a good thing. He was getting on the couch all the time now he goes to the bed! A dollar well spent.

I have birds anybody want 1? I do not know what I am going to do with them all! LOL It is hard to get rid of them. I need to contact a pet shop and see if they will buy them. Maybe I will put an ad in paper soon. I don't think you can put them on Craig's List.

We got 4 inches of rain in less than 2 hours the other day. There is still water around but it is disappearing fast. The water table is so low that it is sucking it up fast. I wish it would dry up fast in from of the barn! I hate walking in muddy horse poop and pee.

Officially I have lost 1 pound this month. BLAH. I have got to do better than that.

I am out of here. Y'all have a great weekend.


  1. Congrats on the good test results!


  2. happy to hear things are going well...and I think personally Pat has the right idea!!!!  glad Brook is with you more....she sure is a sweetheart....and that mouthy is the age LOLOL...been there heard that one!!!!!  LOL...have a happy day....hugs from ora in ky

  3. You lost a pound and didn't gain any - a good month! Glad you are feeling better. Muddy horse poop - eww!


  4. I can hear you on the thyroid problem. My medicine goes up and down. I have to have blood work more often because of it and I always have to sign a paper that I will pay if the insurance doesn't. Good luck in selling your birds. Paula

  5. Celeste
    I'm glad to hear that all your blood work came back with good results.  Pat is smart to take his retirement at 62 1/2.  I hope he enjoys the heck out of it when the time comes.  About Brook's smart mouth, well, kids do go through a stage.  Keep that bar of soap handy, though, just in case she needs some help getting out of that habit.  Glad she is doing well in Tae Kwon Do again.  Take care, I hope you enjoy your weekend.

  6. Ithink Ive  gained 2 pounds-gah!

    I see birds on Craigslist all the time listed under PETS.

    I am happy your blood works are all good :) it's not easy being a diabetic.

  7. Losing one pound is better than gaining one!
    I'm gladyour blood work was good.
    Congrats to Brook!

  8. Losing 1 pound is a lot better than gaining 1 pound. Your numbers are great for a diabetic; you really are doing a good job.

    :-)  Thank you for the e card & don't be too hard on yourself. ~Mary

  9. You are doing great Celeste!!!  Prayers for Pat.  Hannah Bug is getting in a smart mouthed phase.  Lord help us.  -  Barbara

  10. So glad your tests came back good! That's a relief for you. I like Pat's plan to retire early. So many people live to retire and when it comes they don't..or can't enjoy it. I wish I could retire at 62. I just don't see that happening.
    Congrats to Brook for doing so well this year! LOL on the smart mouth. I am sorry...but that made me laugh. LOL!
    Have a good night.

  11. Oh, I'm hoping for an early retirement too... well, earlier.  


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