Tuesday, January 8, 2008

this and that and yuck

Times flies when you're having fun (yes sarcastic here) 8 days into the year 2008 and I am ready to stop going. Something tells me that this year is going to be hard. Could it be because gas is over $3 a gallon? Or maybe because some of the big stores ( I don't shop at them) are closing a lot of places? Maybe because our local WalMart is no longer going to be open 24 hours?  Or maybe because Pat thinks that he can find another job out there in this economy? Candy is looking for a job now because of the collapse of the housing market. No one is paying for landscaping when they cannot even buy a house. No rain this year and there will be no yards to cut either. And to top it all off I have that darn drip down the back of my throat that makes me cough and gag. But on a bright note, Brook went to the doctor today and she was released. She is now able to get back into Tae Kwon Do, ride a bike , jump and kick and all that other stuff!
The countdown has started on the Prez race and I will not get into it. Like my mother before me, I will not discuss who I will be voting for or endorsing. All I will say is I will vote.
My birds are nuts! They have 2 beautiful babies. These babies are not weaned yet. they are going to be pretty things. The nuts part? They have started laying eggs again! and incubating them! It is Chip. He is a very dedicated parent. He likes being a daddy. He takes care of the eggs. He feeds the babies many more times then Peaches does. I cannot remove the nesting box now. I have to let Peaches finish laying her clutch or she could get egg bound and that could cost her life.
Extreme cold last week, 70's this week, deadly tornadoes, the weather is so crazy. I guess I can count of lots of bugs this year and no rain again.
Ok I am out of here. I have to shampoo the hall again. Sebastian is having bowel troubles. I think it is time. I do not want to do this.


  1. Hi Celeste....and wish I could say...tomorrow will be a better day....maybe it will...maybe it won't...we will see....and I have to agree with you...seems everything is in a mess....but well I am glad Brooke can get back to doing what she enjoys so much...God Bless....Hugs...Ora

  2. Congrats to Brooke!! I hope she has a good year. Funny about the birds. I thought that was interesting.
    This year has just begun. We have to give it a chance to see where it will lead us.
    You'll be ok.

  3. I still don't know if I'll vote or for whom.  Probably will vote for a democrat for the first time in my life, if I vote at all.  Let's face it, the Republicans don't have a chance.

    We're in a full-blown recession.  If Cliff and I hadn't made some different plans with some finances a couple of months ago, we'd be feeling the squeeze.  As it is, funds we intended to use for vacations and having fun are going to pay for gas and groceries.  But we're afloat!

  4. The jury is out for me on the final election, but I am hopeful that I will find a candidate that suits me by Election Day!

    C -- I do hope your spirits improve real soon.  

  5. Yes, 2008 looks like just about anything could happen, economically, politically, even meteorologically!  Congrats on the new babies a-comin'.  Do you sell them or will you be keeping all of them?

  6. Congrats on the new baby birds :-)

    I can relate to dogs doing things on the carpet that need to be steamed up. Doesn't mean we like it.


  7. hope things start looking better

  8. I think it`s a good thing that you don`t discuss your politics Celeste, it nearly always causes trouble. I`m glad to hear that Brook is able to get on with her life now, I`ll bet she can`t wait to start Tae Kwon Do. :o)

    Love Sandra xxxx

  9. One day at a time there, friend.  ;o)  So glad Brook is better!  Hoping she can stay in one piece for awhile.  Looks like you may have a new career as a bird dealer.  -  Barbara


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