Thursday, January 24, 2008

brain is bouncing

I really need some sunshine that has some warmth to it. I saw the sun for part of the day but could not enjoy it at all. It had no warmth to it. Just a cold bright ball in the sky.  I need the outside air to perk me up. I know some people think I am crazy or something. That I don't know what cold is. Well I don't live where it gets cold and stays that way for months on end. I live in the South. After so many years here, I am not acclimated for cold weather. After breaking my back , I am less able to tolerate it.
I went to the store. Money is not going as far as it did. The apple juice that I normally buy has gone up 25% in price. That is in just the last week.  Bread is higher that ever before and don't get me started on milk. Trying to buy healthy food is breaking the budget. It is cheaper sometimes to buy not so healthy food. I am not talking organic healthy, I am talking fresh or frozen instead of canned or boxed food. As for boxed food, I remember Kraft macaroni  and cheese being  a quarter a box, now it is a dollar!!!!! I am thinking I need to gain weight so I will have some fat to live on when I am old and cannot afford to buy food.
Depression or recession? Call it what they want. If you ain't rich your screwed.


  1. I saw on TV that it isn't a recession until it's gone on six months.  Whatever!

    The Internet, and especially blogs, saves my sanity at times like this.

    Hey, just start planning a motorcycle trip to Missouri; You'd be welcome to stay here a few days.

  2. I'm not use to the cold either but I'm trying hard to remember the terrible hot summer we had and how I said I would not complain about the winter. lol Paula

  3. I saw the same thing on TV as Mosie ... six months it's a recession.  But I have to wonder ... how long has the housing market been down?  A lot longer than six months here and I know that my grocery money does not go as far as it did just last summer and spring before that.

    It's frustrating and worrisome.

    Soon, Celeste, the sun will shine and the cold will go away.  Hang on to that thought.  :)

  4. Celeste
    Yes, food prices have gone so high and there is no end in sight.  I doubt I will ever be able to retire if I want to continue to live in a house and eat, too.  I hope the heart burn is gone, next time try Pepcid Complete.  Just one does the job and it is almost instant.  I've never tried a product that lived up to their claims as well as Pepcid Complete.

  5. I live in the north and I know it will warm up some day, so take heart - it warms up down there a LOT sooner!

    Prices go up all the time - it is hard on those of us with fixed incomes that don't go up. It's not worth the cost to your health to eat anything other than stuff that is good for you :-)


  6. eating healthy is very expensive

  7. I'm not used to cold either. When it's in the 50's here I think it's freezing! And my foot that I broke a couple of years ago lets me know it's cold outside, too!
    I know what you mean about grocery prices! I buy just for me and I still walk out spending at least $100! It drives me crazy! But, I hate grocery shopping anyway.
    Have a good weekend.

  8. Food costs are staggering.  I can't believe what I spend at the store.  I think we have the oil/gas situation to blame for the entire mess.  When the cost of transport goes up, it gets passed right on to us.  If we're using everything we have for food, how are we supposed to cover the rest of the bills.  The future looks pretty bleak.

    Oh....and then Exxon posts record PROFITS, more than any other company EVER.  Not sales....PROFITS!  What's wrong with this picture?!?!?!?

  9. Exactly. I read a comment where somebody said well they only made a little over 10% profit. It was still 10 billion dollars!


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