Thursday, January 31, 2008

life goes on

I fixed my glasses. I found some old ones and put a new arm on. It does not match but I really do not care.
Sebastian is hanging in there. He is mostly sleeping on dining room table. I do not have the heart to make him move. I will be making his box this weekend. OK change subject or I will cry again.
 Who has made the switch to fluorescent bulbs? I have been switching mine out as they burn out. I saw one the other day that can be used outside on the porch. That bulb goes a lot! I always forget to turn it off. The closet is another that goes fast. I was having to put a new one in there every month. Just replaced 3 of the globe lights in bathroom. I found out 1 thing I really like about them. Have you ever gone into the bathroom first thing in the morning and switched the light on and it hurts your eyes? Or you go in there and you don't turn it on because of the glare? With these bulbs the glaring bright light is gone. It takes a few minutes to get full light so your eyes can adjust!
Tomorrow is the big move for Candiac. I will go over in the morning with the truck and hook up the trailer and haul their stuff to their new home. I hope it is not raining so I can put the beds in the back of the truck.
Birds, happy, happy birds. We now have 3 new babies. There is still one egg left in nest. I will get a picture as soon as I can.
Ok I need to go to bed again. See y'all later.


  1. Thank you for that e card :-).  I do use energy saving bulbs & like them the best; they last a long time also. ~Mary

  2. we are switching to the new bulbs lso....and like you....the glare isn't there...but the light is.....and good luck with the moving....hugs and God Bless...Ora

  3. I have never heard of those bulbs, sounds nice.

  4. I, too, have fixed glasses with parts from another pair.  Ahh the things we do when the $$$ isn't there to buy on every whim.

    Congrats on the birds.  They're ugly/cute!  I want one!  LOL

    I'm sorry about Sebastian.  So sorry.

    I want to change to the curly bulbs.  I just cringe at the price.  The end result is big savings, but the initial cost hurts.

    Good luck with the moving.  I'd offer to help, but I'm hours and hours away.  How 'bout I offer support, J-land style?

    Good night.


  5. Where we have several bulbs in one room John has replaced one with the new kind. I've marked on the calendar when we did this to see how long they do last. Glad you got your glasses fixed. Paula

  6. I haven't changed to the new bulbs yet. I have found in the past mine burn out faster when I have tried to stick a higher watt bulb into a fixture that is supposed to have lower ones (oops). Good work on the glasses and I hope the move goes smoothly!


  7. Celeste
    I am so glad you were able to jury rig something for your glasses.  I've done that many times when things were tight.  I am still sad about Sebastian and keeping the two of you in my prayers.  Now, as to the florescent bulbs, we switched to them a year ago when we moved into this address.  All of them in one fell swoop!  The payoff seems evident in our energy bills.  I hope Caniac's move goes smoothly and without a hitch.  See Ya later!

  8. I have a few lamps with those and they last forever! My garage has the long tube flourescents and they haven't had to be changed in years! Now since I've said that they'll all burn out! LOL!
    Sorry about Sebastian. So sad. Try and have a good Sunday.


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