Friday, January 18, 2008

back and blah

So I am back I suppose. I feel better but blah. Actually I have been feeling blah for awhile. I  was suppose to make New Years resolutions, that did not happen. Why make something that you  will break? yea I need to lose weight. I need to clean house more. I need to stay off the computer more(oh horrors!)I need to do a lot of things but will I? Maybe, maybe not. Saying I will do it on Jan 1st is not going to make it happen.
So the sun is shining today. It is up to 42 and not expected to get any higher. Snow is gone and it is muddy out. They say we are going to get more again tomorrow and it will stick around longer. I don't mind it so much on the weekend. I like to stay at home if we can't go for a bike ride. I am not a real sociable type. Big change for me. I used to be kind of a party girl in my old life. Well...sort of a party girl. That was a long time ago. Dang I sound old. I'm not old , just anti-social now. I could become a recluse real easy. Umm wait, I may already be one. O this is not helping with the blahs,
The baby birds are flying pretty good now. They are so ugly now that they are cute. Feathers sticking out all over! LOL
Ok got to go. Horses need to be fed and I have to get dresses. Day will get better. It has to.


  1. I notice a lot fewer blog and journal updates everywhere, so I think you and I are not the only ones with the blahs.  It'll change.

  2. I've had the blahs too. I'm like you...I could hibernate all winter long!
    Hope your day gets better.

  3. I feel like that too Celeste, it always feels like this in January for some reason.  I vowed to spend less time on the computer but did I keep to it......nah!

    Love Sandra xxxx

  4. I think it all feeds off one another in a vicious circle.  The weather, doing the same things day after day, inactivity, like of sleep, etc. all feed the blahs.  And the blahs feed all of that.  Try changing one thing.  Or several little changes in several areas.  -  Barbara

  5. Celeste I am sure it is the lack of sunshine that makes us feel Blah :o) ~ I didn't make any new year resolutions I never keep them in fact I break them all before January 1st is out ~ so didn't waste my time this year ~ love to see a picture of the "cute" baby birds ~ hope you are having a good day ~ Ally x

  6. I hope the blahs are gone for now and that you have a great weekend!

  7. Celeste
    It is so miserable getting over a bad cold or the flu.  I'm surprised you have the strength to post especially with the blahs.  The blahs are no fun at all.  I don't think many of us are the party animals we once may have been and I do know the feeling that being a hermit might not be so bad after all, LOL.  All I can say is hang in there, all of this will pass and come Springtime you won't remember much about those blahs at all!

  8. "blah and blah" describe January perfectly.  This month seems to be a bitch to many people.  Hope you feel better soon.


  9. Feel better! Take care of yourself, too - it's easy to catch something else when you have been down like that. Spring has to come some day!



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