Wednesday, January 30, 2008

doing better

It is cold outside. We got some pretty gusty winds last night. There are things blown all over the place this morning. Did I tell you it is cold? 21 earlier when I took Brook out to the bus stop. I know that is not cold for some of you but it was 63 degrees yesterday! If only it would stay cold or stay warm.
I had a bad time last night. I was brushing my teeth and my glasses fell off my face! The arm broke on them AGAIN! The same arm has been replaced one. Only problem is, they will not fix them again. I will need to get a new pair and I really cannot afford them right now. They are not cheap. Oh well, I will be running around looking like the quintessential nerd with tape holding my glasses together now. I now need to find my pocket protector.
I just made a really hard decision. I have called and made an appointment to have my Sebastian put to sleep. It will happen Monday morning.I am so sick over that. I just wanted him to go to sleep at home. He is having a lot of bowel problems and is biting himself on the side a lot. It is like he cannot control it.
Ok I am out of here. Pat just got up and it is time to cook.


  1. I know what you mean about glasses, they cost a fortune.  I hope you can get them fixed soon.  Are you sure nothing can be done for Sebastian?  I know it is an awful decision to make and only you know what is right but presumably you have tried everything you can?

  2. I agree with Jeannette Celeste, glasses are so expensive, I have broken three or fours pairs over the last year and a half and am now wearing an old cheap pair. I really must get some decent ones but it`s the cost. We are forecast some very strong winds and cold weather in the next few days...brrr!

    Love Sandra xxxx

  3. I can see better out of my HEB grocery store glasses then I can out of my perscription ones. Sorry about your beloved pet. Paula

  4. I am so sorry about Sebastian-I know how hard such a decision is, and how easy it is to second guess yourself. I know you are thinking about his quality of life, and your decision, though difficult, will be the right one for the animal. Love, Margo

  5. I am soooo sorry about sebastian. Maybe he will pass before then.

  6. I am so very sorry about Sebastian.  That must have been a very hard decision to make.

  7. Celeste
    I am so sorry to hear about Sebastian.  It is such a difficult decision to have to make, but I know you are considering his quality of life and I would have to agree with you.  I'll say a little prayer for you and Sebastian Monday morning.  Sorry about your glasses, that's rotten luck and it sounds like really rotten timing.

  8. Sorry to hear about Sebastian.  I will soon be facing the same thing with Bongo -- it's so hard to think about.


  9. "I will be running around looking like the quintessential nerd with tape holding my glasses together now. I now need to find my pocket protector."

    lol, Ive been there before. Glasses are too damn expensive. ridiculous.

    ((hugs)) Im sorry about Sebastian. I know how much you love him and he loves you. He has lived an excellent life w/ you.

  10. I'm so sorry to hear about Sebastian. That's such a tough decision to make. But, you're doing it 'cause you love him. Try and enjoy the weekend as much as you can.

  11. Oh, I know the thrill of woes with glasses!  This year I am supposed to get a new pair out of the tax refund.  Last year we spend around $250 on a pair Pete never wears.  

    So sorry about your dear Sebastian.  My prayers are with you.  -  Barbara


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