Monday, December 10, 2007

Times flies when your having fun. LOL. That is if you define cleaning as fun.
Yesterday was a beautiful day once the fog cleared up. Fog, yep, in December! It is warm enough for fog. With a warmer than usual winter we are looking at maybe cutting grass IF we get rain. I am also looking at the possibility of bad weather if rain does come in. Warm weather= thunderstorms=tornadoes. I say this not the weather service. They don't say stuff like that unless it is coming. I am going by my gut and what I have seen happen in the past. Weird weather brings more weird weather. I pray that it does not happen. It was 73 degrees yesterday. Today they are predicating a high of 78-80!
Brook is 10 for sure. I just told her to brush her hair and she retorts back with I did, I know, go brush my hair, and throws the hand up as she walks away. Sometimes I want to smack her and other times I just want to laugh. It is so funny watching them grow up and go through these stages. Poor Pat has never been through them before. He will say things like , she did not do that until her Mama got a hold of her. He just does not understand that so many  things happen because they reach a certain age or stage in life.
Ok I am back. Had to take a break from writing to get Brook on the bus and feed the animals. If I start while it is dark then I am finished by daylight. LOL
Where was I? I guess I am just rambling on.
The weekend was pretty good. We went for a ride yesterday on the bike. We only rode for 2 hours but it sure felt good. Riding away seems to lift my spirits up. Feeling the wind on my face, watching the scenery go back. I love seeing people in the cars. The kids are something. They stare at you and I will give them a wave. That also seem to bring a smile to their faces. Kids love it when you acknowledge them.
Saturday Pat and I went to see Christmas lights. It was not an intentional visit. We went to get some food and decided to check out lights. We will be going back to where we went. It was awesome. I have to go back and take my camera. It is worthy of an entire entry for itself. Nothing else will be said until I have pictures. One more thing, I felt good afterwards.
Sunday, Pat's step-mother came over. I have not seen her since his dad died and we moved her. She is a simple-minded woman that is sweet and loyal to those she loves. I made dinner for us and we talked for awhile.
I got spammed on my cell phone this morning. I was sent a text message from am AOL address but when I checked it is not a known member. That makes 2 messages in 2 days. Really starting to make me mad. There is no way to block them either! One was for diet pills and the other is for a stock tip. Both want me to go to a web site. I can only imagine what would happen if I did. It will be porn or a virus or something. No way will I go there.
Gift wrapping time. LOL I buy little things all year long and pile it up in the closet. I have to get things wrapped so I know what I have and if I have missed anybody. One thing I know I need is stocking stuffers. I have to get something for the animals also. I saw a stocking full of little catnip toys that will be great for the kitties. For the dogs I will get them some treats. The horses will love some apples.
Isn't is amazing at how fast the babies grow?


  1. Aah at the baby birds, just getting a few feathers.  Nice to catch up on all your news. Have a good week.

  2. LOL...had to laugh at the remarks about Brook and the stages of growing up....just went thru that with gdaughter takes lotsa patience doesn't it?????  and knowing someone else is as busy as others....makes it alot easier to handle LOL...God Bless...hugs from have had fog for the last three days....and no sun to burn it off...dreary really

  3. the birds are so sweet

  4. Looks like you are busy. The birds are sooo cute even naked. Paula

  5. Celeste the little bird is so cute ~ glad you got to have a ride out on the bike ~ hope your weather don't get too bad will be thinking about you and wishing you well ~ Ally x

  6. Pat's stepmother sounds like a nice lady.

    We are getting an ice storm in OK, you can have this cold weather stuff....Ill take your fog and warm weather. Lets trade!

  7. The birdies are so cute!! They really are growing. Glad you got out on the bike and enjoyed yourself. That sounds like a refreshing thing to do. It sounds like a good weekend overall.
    Have a good week.

  8. You're tiels are so cute!

  9. Hannah at age 8 can go from exasperating to precious in 5 seconds flat.  But I still adore her.  When I hear the song "My Girl" I think of her and every sweet thing about her.  -  Barbara

  10. You guys got to ride!  You're lucky.  Looks like it'll be a long time before we get to ride again, although we've agreed that if it gets above 40°, we're going.  Even if it's only a short distance.

  11. Celeste
    Looking forward to the pictures of the lights when you get them.  Your household sounds typical both for having a little girl growing up in it and also for all the Christmas stuff still to be done.  Norman Rockwell would be proud, LOL!  Gives one a warm feeling for sure!

  12. I'll take some of your fog if you take some of our ICE!  I keep waiting for the power to go out.


  13. On a good day we get up to freezing! Amazing what a distance 10 hours by car can mean to weather.

    Yes, sweet little girls turn into mouthy little teens, then eventually into more considerate little ladies. The time table sure varies!



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