Sunday, December 16, 2007

It's morning

It is morning and everybody is sleeping in except me and the animals. I got up this morning to feed them early because I knew it was cold out there. The horses were very glad of it. They were full of it. I missed some good shots. Should have just made a movie instead.

The wind is really blowing today. It is a good day to stay inside and snuggle up. I think I will do some laundry today and mabe some baking. I will have to go to the store sooner or later. I really need some stuff to eat now and to cook for the holidays. I need to finish wrapping also. But for now I am going to drink my hot tea, eat my grapefruit and play some games.

Yall have a wonderful day.


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  1. Love the little bird poking it's head out of the nesting box that really is so cute ~ and lovely ones of the horses ~  Ally x

  2. I slept in.  Still drinking my coffee.  But I have a pile of stuff to do when I'm through.  Glad you are feeling chipper and good!  -  Barbara

  3. Oh, I slept in today!  It's a good day pretty  much every where for sleeping in or snuggling up!

    The horses look 'full of it'!

  4. Hello World picture is soooo cute. Paula

  5. Is that a baby parrot?  Cute pic.


  6. I never sleep in, even if I have an opportunity, I cannot do it.

    it sounds like you did have a good start to your day anyhow!

  7. Celeste
    It was really blowing on the docks today.  Not much business, but even with gale force winds we still had a couple of fools, er, I mean boaters, LOL.  Hope you got to go back in and snuggle up like you said.

  8. It looks like mornings are totally worth getting up for at your house. I'd love to see the animals and just watch them do their playful antics.
    Hope you have a good day tomorrow.

  9. My dogs were happy about getting a hot breakfast a littler earlier than usual this morning, too.  I love that picture of the baby bird!


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