Thursday, December 27, 2007

The aftermath

Slowly but surely I am getting over Christmas. Mental and physical exhaustion set in rapidly once the day came to an end. I think the day was a success. Everyone is complaining that they put on way to much weight. LOL As usual I cooked far too much food. I think I am always afraid that I will not have enough for everybody. I am the type that will eat leftovers. I do not waste the food I cook if I can help it. I do wish that I could get my family together again for the holidays. After the death of my mama we all drifted apart. I wonder if she ever knew that she was the glue of our family?

The kids all had a good day. Brook wanted the role of handing out the gifts. She hands them out so fast I can't keep up with her. The other kids were Kat and Quinn. They are the kids of my daughter's best friend. We have been having them down for the holidays for a few years now. Kat and Quinn had some special gifts under the tree. One of my long time readers contacted me and sent some gifts for the two of them. Quinn looked on the tag on the package and squelled there is a Santa! He was so thrilled with his gifts. Kat was eye wide. She could not believe that she was getting gifts from Santa! LOL I explained to them who the giver was but Quinn just said no, it was Santa. It was a rainy day so the kids had to stay inside. No going outside to play with the new toys.

Now comes packing up time. I hope to get all the decorations put up except for the tree before New Year's Day. New Year's is the day I take the tree down. I am debating leaving the outside lights up for a while longer. I kind of hate putting the stuff up. Seeing it makes me feels good. Hearing my toys play their music makes me feel good.

Seeing the happy faces of my friends and family makes me feel good. Hearing their vopices makes me happy and sad at the same time. I miss having all of us together. Maybe next year...


  1. Sometime leftovers taste better then the first time around. Glad you had a nice one and do you know it will be here again before you know it? Paula

  2. I'm just glad everybody isn't a scrooge like me!

  3. I think all Mums are the glue of the family.  Same thing happened when mine passed.  We take our decs down normally the day after New Year's Day but might do them a little earlier this year, after all Christmas is gone.  We will leave the lights up a few days more.

  4. Celeste
    Complaints or not, I don't think anybody can have too much food put out on Christmas or Thanksgiving, LOL.  I'm like you about the leftovers, Nothing goes wasted.  I'm glad the kids had a good day but sorry it rained.  I take our tree down New Year's Day every year, too.  I hope your wish for the family to be together comes true.  Now is the time to plant the seeds with the rest of the family members.  With a little patience, I'll bet you could make it happen next year.  All my best to you and the family for 2008!

  5. Glad it was a good Christmas and hope you are soon feeling rested and caught up.  -  Barbara

  6. We all do the same thing with the food prep.  It's a good thing someone likes to eat leftovers!

    Sounds a happy holiday at your place -- I too sometimes wish for Christmas past.

  7. like you I enjoy leftovers LOL...some things are better the second time around???!!!  and like you I like to leave things up for a while....but am always glad when they are put away for another year.....Happy New Year...hugs...Ora

  8. We all seem to bake too much ~ but like you I don't mind leftovers ~ glad everyone had a good day ~ hope you have a wonderful new year filled with everything you wish for yourself ~ Ally x

  9. What else is better than leftovers when you are worn out over the next few days after Christmas?



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