Monday, December 17, 2007

The Christmas House

The pictures are those of the Christmas House in Ringgold , Georgia. The decorations are an accumulation of years of shopping, gifts and yard sales. The sounds of Christmas drift on the night air while people wander through the yard and in the garage. Angels sing and elves play. The reindeer and horses prance on the lawn. Santa and the Mrs. are everywhere at once ( he is magical you know!). The trains chug along, planes fly and copters whirl by. The lights dazzle and the carousals play. If this place cannot get you in the mood for Christmas then ,nothing can. Tags: , , , , ,


  1. I love the decorations!! That put me in a good mood just seeing the pictures. I bet it's a sight to behold in person!

  2. Celeste
    This place looks great!  I've hear about it before and always wanted to go see it, but it is so far away.  The pictures look excellent!

  3. Stunning!  The work that must go into all that.  They must start preparing in September lol

  4. We have one of those houses in Newport...we have already been to see it twice!

  5. That is a lot of Christmas stuff! Wow!



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