Thursday, December 6, 2007

Here are the pictures from this past weekend of selling Christmas trees. Candy, Brook and I rode down early Saturday morning to Nicholson Georgia to the 7 G's Farm. Right away we were busy moving trees out! We had lots of fun and lots of work to do. Saws were handed out to everyone that came. No chain saws were allowed due to liability( hate to have someone cut a leg off!). When they found their perfect tree they would cut them down. Sometimes one of the guys would help with the cutting. Someone would then come around in a Gator and pick up the tree and bring it to me. I was the shaker. I ran the machine that would shake loose needles off the trees. ( remember the old machines where you wore a belt and it shook you to lose weight? Try holding a 100 trees and shake them LOL )Then if you wanted it we would run it through a baler and net it. Some people bought stands or had bought them in the past from us. If the bought a stand we had to drill the trees. This meant lining the tree up and making sure it is straight and then we would drill a hole in the bottom. The stand would then be driven on the tree with a hammer. It was a fun time. Everyone happy and smiling. How could you not be happy picking out your own tree for Christmas? One couple from New Jersey cut the biggest tree on Saturday. They cut a 12 foot tree and placed it on a small car. It was their first year here in Georgia for Christmas. She was sad and happy.(her mama was getting snow in Jersey!)
That's it for the weekend of selling trees.


  1. Celeste you certainly had a lot of trees there ~ sounds like you had a good day ~ loved the pictures ~ Ally x

  2. we used to always go cut our own tree.  Amazing how many dead needles that shaker gets rid of!

  3. Great Pictures, Celeste.  I wish we were closer to this tree farm.  I'd love to go there and cut my own tree down.  


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