Friday, November 4, 2005

wedding update~part 2

So after the wedding and reception was over with Iprepared to leave. I loaded up my car with a few items (actually a lot of items! My car was full!) and headed out. I was the last to leave except for the couple that was finishing up the cleaning. Hopped in my car and NOTHING!!!! My battery was dead.. Backing up now... The day before I took my jumper box out of the car to make room for all the stuff I had to carry.... BIG MISTAKE!!!! The young couple there had no jumper cables so that was a bust. I started calling around. Funny how when there is a need NOBODY ANSWERS THE PHONE!!! I am getting cold. It is getting dark and I do not have a coat with me. Finally after blowing up Pat's voicemail he answers the phone. It takes him about 20 minutes but he gets there and jumps me off. By this time I am tired and all I want to do is cry. We head for home unsure of what the rest of the day will bring.

Once home I download the camera. What a disappointment when I started viewing some of the pictures. All of the pictures of the ceremony were blurred. I just knew that I should have taken the pictures! But no, had to trust someone that claimed they knew how to do it. Luckily other people were there taking pictures. So I should manage to get some.

After a bit we get a phone call asking us if we were going to come to the party. Johnny's boss threw him a party in an upstairs room at the restaurant he works at. We decide that we would show up so we changed into more comfortable clothes. We get there and it is going in full stream. Music playing, couples dancing, people eating and of courses there was some drinking. the owner set up a keg of beer on tap and a margarita machine. There were plenty of chips and dip, cheese sauce, and ordering of food. This was a Mexician restaurant so I had a good time eating! And yes, there were plenty of designated drivers.

One of the things they did was a dance. The men(and some women) pinned money on the bride's dress and then had a dance with her. The same thing with the groom. Soon they were covered in money! I helped her unpin it and there were bills ranging from $1 to $100! Everyone had a good time.

As the evening slowed down, Pat and I presented our gift to the couple. We had gotten them a room with a jacuzzi init for their wedding night. It had a 2pm check out time also so they could sleep in. They were thrilled because that was the one thing that they forgot about! They forgot to plan for their first night as a married couple! They enjoyed it so much that they got the room for another night!

It is Friday and they are still smiling!



  1. aw sorry you got stuck with a dead battery. Sorrya bout your pics too. that stinks. sounds like htey had a wonderful time

  2. Celeste what a lovely thing to do...Pinning money on her dress....glad you had a good time.....I would like to wish them every happiness for their future......Ally

  3. I have never heard of pinning money, it sounds fun!
    Looks like a good time was had inspit of the car not starting.

  4. I like the idea of pinning money on the dress, I saw it done in a film once and they made hundreds of dollars!  Don`t talk to me about cars and dead batteries...mine is driving me mad at the moment.  It wouldn`t start late this afternoon and I was in a hospital car park, it did in the end but I thought I`d have to call for assistance!

    Sandra xxxx

  5. Weddings can be so exhausting, but it sounds like you had a great time.  She looks so lovely in her white gown.  Pennie

  6. Margarita machine! And I wasn't invited! Poo on you!

  7. ROFL      Odd how your life sounds so much like my life?!?  Glad the couple had a good wedding & reception.  Glad your day ended on a happy note.  -  Barbara

  8. They look soooooooo happy! I hope they have many happy years together.
    Now, you need to rest! lol

  9. It sounds as if, with some minor glitches, you did have a good day-as did the bride and groo. I am so glad for all of you. Margo

  10. Oh, how cool!  I am glad that it turned out well!!

  11. The hispanic people here in south texas pin money on the bride and groom. Gives them a good start if they use it wisely. Good luck to the happy couple. Paula


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