Friday, November 25, 2005

Robin's 5ers

It is time for Robin's 5ers  Here is how it works. Go there and leave your link for your answers. This will be every Friday.

1. Do you already have your Christmas tree up? If so when did you put it up? If not when will you put it up?

No. My tree is not up. Hopefully it will be up in the next week.


2. Do you have any particular theme when it comes to decorating your tree? Maybe you do all Disney ornaments? Only blue lights?  Tell us how you decorate your tree. Kudos if you have a picture and post it.

My tree sports anything and everything!

3.  What is your all time favorite ornament? Only one.  Kudos again if you have a picture and post it. 

No favorite. They are all favorites to me!!

4. How many stockings do you hang and are any of them for pets? And...where do you hang them?  (Not everyone has a fireplace)

We hung 4 last year. I have a new son in law so this year there will be 5. I usually put them on the wall by the TV.

5.  Tell us about one of your Christmas traditions.

Marshmellow fudge every year no fail. Also te little one gets to open up ne PJs as a gift on Christmas Eve.



  1. I have to pass on these questions since i dont do a tree and stuff. But they have been interesting.

  2. Sounds about the same as my answers!  lol   Or what they would be. -  Barbara

  3. Marshmellow fudge! I must know more about that! Yum!!  I like the jammie idea too.

    Thanks for playing The 5'er!


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