Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Catch up 1

Let's do a bit of catching up starting with the wedding!

Friday was the rehearsal dinner. It started out a bit slow as Johnny's family from out of town got slightly lost! That was no problem. It gave me time to get things finished. I had cooked green beans, sweet corn and baked beans. I got fried chicken from Walmart and a cake for dessert. Actually it was several kinds of chocolate cake. It was soo good! Dinner went off really well. Afterwards we rehearsed the wedding ceremony.

After figuring everything out everyone left. I stayed a bit later and set up some stuff for the reception.  

The big day dawned bright and early. Off I went to the dry cleaners to pick up the dress and Pat's suit, then to Walmart to pickup the cakes. Next to the church to drop everything off. Back home again with a quick stop at Sonic for a couple toaster breakfast sandwiches. Had to eat! Got home and put rollers in hair, ate, and gave Pat his instructions.

Next Brook and I loaded up in the car with our dresses and stuff and back to the church.  

Upon arrival at the church I unloaded everything and get busy. Liz, the matron of honor shows up and starts helping me get stuff ready. Very quickly we start putting sandwiches together and cutting them. Johnny shows up and starts cutting the cheese. Soon Johnny's sister shows up and the show really gets moving.  

Finally everything is ready and the girls and I go get ready. Rollers are removed and curling irons heated up. Faces get washed, actually only one face. Brook somehow had blue and black all over her face! Thank goodness it came off. I swear that child was clean when we got there!   We are ready.

The guests are arriving. BUT there is a problem! No BRIDE!!!! Finally 5 minutes to go and she gets there. Luckily hair and makeup is done! The dress, slip and shoes go on. All 30 buttons get buttoned on dress and we are ready! She was so beautiful!  

Another problem, the mother of the groom is lost. They get to the church and now we are ready.  

Rings tied to pillow, flowers in hand , music going, the procession begins. Nothing went according to rehearsal but it all went well I think. Mothers walked down together, then the Cutie pie of a ring bearer. Next came Liz in her red dress followed by the stunning flower girl tossing her red petals. Then my beautiful daughter comes down the aisle escorted by the most handsome man there, Pat.  

The ceremony went pretty good with a small moment when the rings would not untie from the pillow.  I was a bit surprised with the vows. She actually elected to leave the words to obey in it. It is so rare to hear that nowadays. Finally they are husband and wife.  

The reception went well. Everyone seemed to have a grand time. Lots of laughter, a few tears, smiles everywhere. Food disappearing as fast as it was being put out. Soon it was clean up time. Everyone pitched in and a couple we did not even know told all to leave and they would finish things up.  

A good day.      


  1. Celeste - So glad everything turned out well....I felt I was there with you, through the rehersal to the reception,  I even felt out of breath for you...hurrying to get everything

  2. YAY!  I loved my wedding.  We had such a blast that we were finally asked to leave the country club at 12:30am.  It's still one of my most favorite days. So glad for you guys!  Tell her Congrats. ;)  C.

  3. How wonderful!!!  JAE

  4. Ok , I had to laugh when you wrote Johny started cutting the cheese, I'm sure you meant slicing, not farting  LOL OMG you all were brave to allow children in the ceremony!! I totally forbid it in mine! LOL glad all went well! Now you can moonlight as a wedding planner! LOL

  5. Damn, you made it sound so easy!

  6. So are you glad it's over? : )
    I'm glad everything went so well.....even with Johnny cutting the cheese and all. <g>
    She looked beautiful...and happy.

  7. Im glad all went well!

  8. what a busy time and exciting time too

  9. I am so glad it was a good day, for all of you. Margo

  10. Bless your heart Celeste, you deserve a vacation!!! I hope your daughter and husband realize what a wonderful person they have in their lives! (I know Brook does!!!)
    love ya,


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