Monday, November 28, 2005

catching up(short form)

I want yesterday back! Darn it. I was hoping that they (the ads)were gone for good. O well.

Had a good day yesterday playing cribbage and dominos with Pat. Then last night I watched  the Hallmark movie "Silver Bells" I cried and laughed. I like movies that make me do that.

I think I am still full from Thanksgiving. I still feel like a turkey, stuffed! We had a good time with just the 5 of us here. Everything was cooked at the same time, I did not burn anything and not one thing was cold except for what was supposed to be cold. Watched some football. Actually I watched 1 game Dallas-Denver. LOL DENVER WON!!! Beat my SonInLaw's Cowboys! LOL

Friday was a do nothing kind of day. Read some journals, played some games, did some laundry. Just generally goofed off. NOPE I DID NOT GO SHOPPING!

Friday night.... well Friday night was different. I went to bed as usual and fell asleep. 1:30 am I am awakened by Pat telling me that there was a bear out by the road! Well I am in a panic. Bears could hurt or kill our horses! I am going "A bear? A bear?" Finally he looked at me and said "not a bear , Belle!" O geez I thought, here we go again! For those who does not know, Belle is our spoiled paint that spent last winter in my front yard because she is a fence jumper!

Needless to say I was not happy with the fact she was out of the fence again. Out in the freezing cold we go to catch her and put her back up.

6:30 in the morning I am up and she is out once again. I get dressed and out I go again (this time I left Pat asleep seeing as how he had to go in to work that morning) I go down front and catch her. She did not want to come with me! She reached for me and lipped my hand that was leading her! I say lipped because she did not use her teeth!

I feed them and go back inside. Pat gets up and I tell him about her getting out again. He leaves for work. And then at 8:30 we do it again! I can see her down front out of the field! It is daylight out now so I can see so off into the field I go with my fence mending bucket. When I get out front Belle takes off running up front towards the barn. I am thinking on shoot. I drop my bucket and head up there running as fast as my fat feet will take me. She is headed to the back where once there she would be gone like a flash! I grab a bucket and start banging on the bottom of it calling her name. A miracle occurred and she stopped! Not only that she turned and came running back to me! Once again I put her in the field and fed them again! So back out front I go. Turns out she was walking over the fence. A wooden cedar post had broken into at the base and fell down taking out a good 15 feet of fence including an old gate. Well I was prepared. Got my wire out and started stringing wire, electric fence wire. Against all hope I was putting this wire up hoping at least to keep her in the field for the day. She comes down there to check it out and tossed her head and went back to the barn!

Here it is Monday and she is still in the field. Seethe deal is, she thinks that those 2 thin wires are electrified!

So now it is Monday and I am hurting. It is raining. I am not looking forward to the kind of weather!

Have a good day and please be careful.


  1. Yes I was hoping the ads were gone and that by now they would have the thing in atleast saying it was not our ad they are trying to put in. I spend two horus not being able ot send mailthis morning or get on to . Love the horse in the door pic that is priceless.

  2. And I thought having a Chihuahua escape out the door in the daytime was a pain in the neck! Margo

  3. What a night and day you had,  I could imagin your fat little feet running to catch her..Love the picture of the horse in the doorway......And hope the fence survives. and keep the horses in....Ally

  4. The little brat!  Very much the strong-willed little horse, isn't she?  Glad you had a great Thanksgiving...JaE

  5. I LOVED the picture of the horse in the front door. I laughed Out Loud!

  6. LOL, maybe Belle was worried that you had eaten too much over the holiday was trying to help you "work" it off.  The picture is too cute.

    Sounds like you had a good time and lots of good food.  Get ready because its less than a month until the BIG meal.

    Take care.

  7. Sounds like the "pertect" holiday weekend! (If you're into "horsing" around!!) rich

  8. Sorry to hear you are feeling a bit sore today, hope you are able to sleep better tonight. But sounds like you have the fence fixed. Love the photo of Belle, looking at you through the front door window. LOL!   ~Deborah

  9. I watched the siver bells move too. It was good i love hallmark movies.
    Sounds like you had a good Thanksgiving! and a good time with family.
    Belle is very pretty. Frustrating when they wont stay in!

  10. If that was the short form I would love to know what you left out.  lol
    I too watched Silver Bells with my mother and we all liked it as well.

    LOVE YA,

  12. Just a quick pop in to say hello and hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful.  SO sorry that your paint is a jumper!...but I love the window pic...too sweet! ;)  C.

  13. Horses are by far the biggest problem children there are!!   lol    -  Barbara

  14. Celeste
    I'm sorry you are going through it with Belle again.  I have to chuckle, though.  Belle really is like a spoiled child.  Nice trick with the electric wire, LOL!  I hope you get some soothing for your aching joints after all of that.  Take care!

  15. I watched The Christmas Box last night with Richard Thomas.  I have seen it umpteen times, but can't watch it enough.  It is a wonderful movie.  My daughter and I thought the photo of the horse looking in the back door was hysterical.  She is a beauty.  You could not pay me ENOUGH money to go shopping the day after Thanksgiving.  No siree, Bob!!!!!  Go Broncos!~

    Happy Holidays!~

  16. So glad you got Belle back in. In high school I rode a lot and a neighbor's horse used to like to try to squeeze me against the barn wall. They command a lot of respect (and sometimes a knee in the tummy). Be well my friend. judi

  17. That's too cute, a horse at the back door like it's borrowing a cup of sugar. LOL!

  18. Oh, I wish we could have her. We would spoil her rotten...

  19. The picture of Belle reminds me of a visit to my cousin's house years ago.  I was up early in the kitchen making coffee.  Alone.  All of a sudden I hear this noise...turn to look at there is his 12 year old daughter with her horse, coming in the back door to the kitchen.  She couldn't wait for me to meet Sassie!  What a way to wake and start the day.

  20. I thought i had it bad with my dogs getting out !!! i am glad that you think she is worth the trouble.she is such a doll baby ! she must be very smart too.


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