Saturday, November 19, 2005

Hello anybody who is still out there

Hello everyone. The ad hoopla is still going on. I have gotten rid of the blinking ads that I see. That is it for me done ,finish, over. Many journals I read have gone over to blogspot/blogger. I hope they are happy. I have a journal over there also although I just deleted it today and opened up a new one there, MyDay,MyThoughts 

So anyway life goes on.

Yesterday I went to Brook's school to have lunch with her. It was their Thanksgiving dinner meal. Pretty good cooking going on over there, tradition turkey dinner(cooked with dressing in a pan) and the fixings with the exception of NO PUMPKIN PIE! O well. Afterwards I checked Brook out and she went with me to the store. I needed to get some shopping done for Thanksgiving and lunches.

Before I got my shopping done Brook did a little bit of her own. She bought some gifts for her mama and her papaw. She could not decide on a gift for Johnny. I think I will let her mama take her shopping for that. What we did was pick things out and she put them in lay away. She had a ball. It was funny, every time she would pick something out she would have something else with her. Guess who it would be for? Nope not me, herself! She has this thing for small things. You can take her thru th toy store and tell her to pick out what she wants to get and she always pick out small things, cheap ones too!

After shopping was over we went home and I made some potato soup for dinner. No no showed up except for me and Brook. It was good. If anybody is hungry tonight they will get the same thing, soup and grilled cheese sandwiches on garlic Parmesan bread.

I just laid in bed last nigh having the hardest time sleeping. My legs were aching. Woke up this morning and they were still aching. It did not feel as if they got any rest at all. I am being to think I have that restless leg thing, RLS. Pat said I was jumping in my sleep all night long for the last 2 nights.

Coming down sick I know that. My throat is sore, nose half stopped up and I have a headache. Must remember to drink some more water.

Well need to get back to cleaning house.

So I leave you for the day with a few pictures I took on a recent ride Pat and I went on.


  1. Lovely photos Celeste, I hope you get over your `bug` soon.  Everyone seems to have it, it must be the J-Land flu!  

    Sandra xxxx

  2. Potato soup!  It has been ages since I've had that.  I used to make it all the time.  I don't remember why I haven't done that in such a long time.  But I used to love it.  It is too warm here for soup at the moment, but once the chillier weather is back I'm going to go looking for my receipe.  You've tickled my memory and taste buds.  Pennie

  3. I am still here. My daughter made some potato soup last week. Your pictures are very  pretty. Helen

  4. Thanks for the tip on getting rid of the flashing banner ads.  It worked for me.  

  5. Lovely photos. And I am still around!

  6. Im still out here. Your pics are just awesome!!


  7. Hi tater soup, love your pics relaxing just to gaze at them...hope you are feeling better...vitamin E...lotsa something tells me I am saying that to the wrong person....and again I say....the ads don't bother me ... unless they git honery.....LOL....Hugs...Ora

  8. Potato soup actually sounds very good.  I'm just having salad and one of those new yoplaits that are drinkable.  No diet, thats just what I wanted.  
    I would be happy to take Brook shopping and you can take Samantha.  I was just telling her she would need a real rich daddy to pay for all the stuff she wants.  

  9. Sounds like you had a wonderful day with Brooke!  Sorry to hear you're getting sick!  Take care of yourself!  -- Barbara

  10. wonderful day with brooke and I love the pics. YES IM still here. I cant get into aloot of blog spot and blogger journals. It always a problem there.

  11. i LOVE THE PHOTOS!!!
    I know you and Brook had a ball glad she is still little!
    You take care of yourself have worn yourself out....
    I love potao soup!!!
    love ya,

  12. Hello Celeste, your pictures are lovely........Sounds like you had a good time on your shopping trip..(Small things and Cheap) Bless her....Hope you will feel better soon...and that headache goes away......Ally

  13. So are you going to have two journals going now Celeste?


  14. beautiful pics.. almost frame worthy

    Much Love,

  15. Your photos are beautiful.  Kudos to you for finding a way to get rid of the ads.  I notice, though, that when I link to your entry the blinking ads are there.  I will post over at your blogspot journal.  Thanks for setting one up there.

  16. Great phots, Celeste.  Thanks for giving us the link to your new journal site.  I'd better get over there and make sure a comfy spot is saved for my visits.

  17. Fall, fabulous Fall!!! Great pics! I'm still here, kinda. Just can't get in the mood to sit down and "yak" everyday. Must be old ags creeping in, huh? I do read most your stuff, just haven't been commenting much. Time to go drink beer!! rich

  18. Thanks for the tips on aol ads. I am having potato soup and grilled cheese sandwhichs tonight.LOL!   Lovely fall photo's. Glad you enjoyed your day with Brook.       ~Deborah

  19. Beautiful pictures. I am glad to be slowly catching up with my friends, and that life goes on with you and yours. Margo

  20. Hello friend. I have RLS. Here are the symptoms. If you do have it, there is meds that can control it.


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