Wednesday, October 12, 2005

working some

Been doing a bit of work outside today. Well it was almost outside. I swept out the tack room( which does not have tack in it) so I can store some hay in it. It is attached to the barn that the horses go into so it makes life easier. I also have to board it up. It is open along the bottom of the side next to the stall and Patches( our little goat) can fit right in there. He has made it his little place to go to. I can't have that as the hay needs to be in there. I have the boards in place now I just need to nail or screw them up.

This weather makes for a  wonderful day to be doing stuff outside. It is also perfect weather to sit around  and just enjoy the day! Okay I admit, I have a bit of a lazy streak in me!

I need to be cutting the fields for the last time before wet weather sets in for the winter. But alas, I cannot do that. (No it is not the lazy streak in me!) Johnny, Candiac fiance, was helping out the other day and hooked up the new battery on the tractor backwards! Soooo, it does not run. Not sure of the damage. Could have burned up the points, some kind of condensor or something. This is an old tractor, a Farmall Super C, that orginially used a generator but it has been converted over to an alternator. 

Well I guess I need to get busy. I just heard the buzzer on the washer. It is loud!!!


  1. bummer about the battery, hope all is OK.

  2. It's amazing that the weather is so nice for you and I wouldn't go out in the weather here for all the hay you could spin into gold. At least the rains have stopped but the winds are still shaking my building and whipping around the trees. I love it, though. I lying on the couch, watching "The Lord Of The Rings" trilogy, it's the perfect day to just hibernate and watch my favourite movie.  

  3. Poor Patches, you messed up it's warm place to sleep.
    I had someone put the battery cables on my battery once a long time ago to jump star another car, even after I said be sure to put positive to positive and negative to negative but would two grown men listen. No, it started shooting sparks and ruined the aternator to my car to my expense.

  4. I get tired of tractor break downs I hope there is no damage.
    I get lazy streaks too but the cooler weather makes me wont to work out side too.


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