Friday, October 21, 2005

Good morning!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

This has been a busy week. I found my dress to wear for the wedding. Now all I need to do is find some new shoes. I hate shopping for shoes. If I could get away with it I would not wear any! I have a narrow heel and a wide foot with a high instep. I almost always must get shoes with a strap across the back. I would love to get some pumps!

Got a cake baked for the cake walk at school. There is a book walk too. I sent some books also.

Got to go pick up the wedding dress today. It had a small tear in it that had to be repaired. Need more stuff to make more mints too. I picked up the flowers for the bouquet so I need to get busy on that too.

If I do not comment or write much this week, please understand! The wedding is in one week!


  1. Calgon! too cute!
    I'm glad you found a dress thats one worry gone. I feel for you!
    sounds like you are enjoying it

  2. Celeste
    This will probably be one of the busiest and hopefully, happiest weeks of your life preparing for the wedding.  Good luck with it all and take some good pictures for us as the ceremony.  Of course it's the reception where all the really good shots are waiting to be snapped, LOL!

  3. You are going to have a busy week but enjoy every minute of it. I hate shoes as well!

  4. I hope you can enjoy this week as it flies by with you i a blurr of activities. I'm so glad you found a dress. Margo

  5. ah yes you are busy. be sure to take a pic and share it of you in your dresss.

  6. with all this experience , next you can hire out as a wedding coordinator! I could have never planned my wedding without one! Thank God the church required it!!

  7. You do have your work cut out for the week ahead, Hope everything turns out well....and the Wedding is everything you want it to be....Take care....Ally

  8. Ahh...I love a wedding.

  9. how exciting!!!!

  10. GOD BLESS YOU AND KEEP YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE YA,

  11. glad you found the dress. happy for you, so how did the shoe hunting go? lol, Id rather go barefoot,lol


  12. you have such neat graphics with your journal....gotta work on learning how to do that...glad you found your dress...and like is best LOLOL....good luck finding shoes....and the mints sound scrumptious....share your recipe and technics (not right now...later...later...later LOLOL)...and a book walk...the same as a cake walk...only use books?? ok....surely the family knows what a "gem" they have..having you in their lives.....if not....let us all know...we will inform then right soon....LOL....have a blessed day....Hugs....Ora

  13. Hope everything turns out well for all of you. Paula

  14. Mules hurt my feet because they do not have a strap on the back.  There are always so many pretty ones too.

    Good luck.  The time is getting closer.  


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