Wednesday, October 5, 2005

I guess my horse is out of commission for awhile. She has been limping. We can not find a hurt place on her. She has not foundered so that is not the problem. I fear she has pulled her hamstring, at the very least sprained her back leg muscle. Not a lot to do for her except allow her to heal with rest. I was looking forward to taking her to the patrk this Sunday and riding.

Brook has been out of school all week. She is on Fall Break. I was looking over the school calendar and figured out that the schools have gone to the balanced school year, which is another name for year round school. She gets a fall, winter, spring and summer break. The summer break is the longest one, of course. She is bored! Nothing that I say or do helps. For her year round school needs to have NO BREAKS!

I still only have 2 baby birds. They are getting big. I cannot get Peaches to quit laying eggs though. I have followed all of the suggestions short of removing Chip. I cannot do that because he is the babies primary caretaker. I suppose I will have to remove them from nest. Then maybe she will stop. Does anybody know?

I have decided that I really like riding the bike! Gonna be a motorcycle mama I guess!

The wedding plans are moving along. Why is it that people nowaday do not know how or what RSVP is? I suppose I will have to just plan on everybody and have leftovers.

Let's see.... what else now? Oh yea. Pat and I may be going to something called The Level 10 Experience. His company is paying for it. Anybody know what the heck it is?

Working on pictures. Having trouble with the hometown add feature.

Had an extra lean hamburger patty tonight. First red meat I have had in 2 weeks. I am trying to get my health better. Last night I made Italian Slow Cooker Chicken. Boy it was good! that's it for now!


  1. Because they are rude and have no home training.  I cannot stand when people do not RSVP.  I cancelled a Pamper Chef show one time that I was having, and come the rainy Sunday afternoon that it was scheduled for two women showed up.  I answered in my pajamas.  I was like WTF? If you would have RSVP'd you would have gotten a call saying it was cancelled.

    Did you google the level 10 experience?

  2. aw poor horse I hope it gets better soon.

  3. the school breaks are really only for   the teachers, they don't care about the kids,  the teachs just want more paid time off , I hear ya on  RSVPS , people are rude , I say don't feed anyone!!! LOL  cake and punch is fine , oh and nuts. LOL

  4. Hope your horse heals quickly and you can go for a ride in the park....The school breaks in England are long especially the Summer one...the children do get so bored - its a job for parents to keep them occupied and happy..Hope you sort the birds out - I expect if you took the remaining eggs away she may stop ? Take care..Ally

  5. Your neopets is very cute . . .   I tell you, it's such a good idea to guard your health while you have it.  I have a bad lower back and am hyperthyroid.  I can barely eat without becoming stuffed and nauseous . . .  I think back to the days I ate too much . . . gained weight and added stress to my lower back . . .  and I've been on meds for the hyperthyroid and didn't really hurry up and get back into the dr as it continued to get worse.  It's so much easier to hang on to it if you got it than it is to get it back.  Good for you.  Take care,

  6. Celeste
    I'm sorry your horse is limping.  Let's hope for the best.  The delimma about the egg laying is beyond my scope.  I'm sure glad your two babies are doing well, though.  Glad to hear you're taking to the bike.  What a great feeling, eh?  I don't know why people don't respond anymore to RSVP's.  It sure makes it hard to plan anything and can cause some things to be much more expensive than they have to be.  I hope the wedding goes as planned and they have a great start to their life together.

  7. Bored children? I always suggest chores...that always get them motivated to find something to do! As for the egg laying...maybe remove the female and let the male continue to care for the babies.

  8. We just started horseback riding here in Atlantic City on the beach. If my Father, and avid horseman, didn't totally scare the poop out of me by making my horse buck when I was on it as a child, I would love to go. But, I am now forever afraid of the beasts. Such is life.

  9. You can't remove Chip.  Chip and Peaches are a bonded pair aside from him tending to the babies if you remove one from the other it'll devastate and kill them.  I'll talk to my dad later on today and see what he suggests.  As far as I can tell from what you're saying she's in season and she's not going to stop.  You've got your hands full if that's the case.  All though where he's busy with the babies Chip might not have had time to fertilize the eggs. -Dawn-

  10. I understand what you mean by no RSVP's.  It happened to us at the Fireworks party we had. We had no idea how much food to was a bit frustrating!

  11. I understand what you mean by no RSVP's.  It happened to us at the Fireworks party we had. We had no idea how much food to was a bit frustrating!


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